5 reasons Francis Nngannou will beat Anthony Joshua

Francis Nngannou vs Anthony Joshua || Imago

5 reasons Francis Nngannou will beat Anthony Joshua

Stephen Oladehinde 17:38 - 28.02.2024

The highly anticipated showdown between Francis Ngannou and Anthony Joshua has sparked a lot of debate, with experts and fans alike pondering the outcome of this clash of titans.

Ngannou, transitioning from the UFC to boxing, brings a unique set of skills that could potentially see him victorious against Joshua. Here are five reasons that suggest Ngannou could emerge triumphant in their matchup:

1. Striking Power

Ngannou is recognized for his formidable knockout power within the UFC, having a history of ending fights decisively. His ability to deliver powerful punches could exploit Joshua's known vulnerabilities to well-timed strikes.

2. Unpredictability:

With a background in mixed martial arts, Ngannou's fighting style is less orthodox and more unpredictable compared to traditional boxers. This could present Joshua with unexpected challenges, making it harder for him to anticipate and counter Ngannou's moves.

Anthony Joshua || Imago
Anthony Joshua || Imago

3. Conditioning and Cardiovascular Endurance:

Ngannou's experience in the UFC, where fights can last for five rounds of five minutes each, has equipped him with excellent conditioning and stamina. This might give him an edge over Joshua, especially in the later rounds of their bout.

4. Mental Toughness:

Ngannou's mental resilience, demonstrated in his debut boxing match against Tyson Fury, shows his capability to withstand pressure and adversity. This mental fortitude will be crucial in facing a seasoned boxer like Joshua.

Francis Nngannou || Imago
Francis Nngannou || Imago

5. Exploiting Joshua's Weaknesses:

Critics and analysts, including promoter Frank Warren, have pointed out Joshua's "wealth of weaknesses" that Ngannou could exploit. Joshua has shown susceptibility to being rattled psychologically and physically in his previous fights. Ngannou's power and the element of the unknown he brings into the ring could significantly unsettle Joshua. 

As the fight day approaches, the boxing community is abuzz with speculation and anticipation. Ngannou's unique attributes, coupled with Joshua's quest to reclaim his position at the top of the heavyweight division, make this a must-watch event for fight fans around the world.