5 reasons Anthony Joshua will defeat Francis Nngannou

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou || Imago

5 reasons Anthony Joshua will defeat Francis Nngannou

Stephen Oladehinde 17:51 - 28.02.2024

Anthony Joshua's upcoming clash with Francis Ngannou is stirring significant excitement and speculation within the boxing community.

Experts and sparring partners alike are weighing in on why Joshua is favoured to win this heavyweight bout. Here are five reasons based on insights from those close to the preparations and observations from Joshua's recent performances:

1. Knockout Power:

Joshua's sparring partner, Jeamie TKV, has expressed confidence that Joshua will win by knockout, emphasizing his speed, good movement, and the improvements he's made recently.

2. Recent Victories:

Joshua's momentum coming off three consecutive victories, including an impressive stoppage against Otto Wallin, showcases his current form and resilience after back-to-back losses against Oleksandr Usyk.

3. Experience and Skillset:

Despite Ngannou's commendable performance against Tyson Fury, where he managed to drop the WBC champion, Joshua's boxing skillset, honed over years at the top level of the sport, positions him as a more refined and versatile fighter. 

Anthony Joshua || Imago
Anthony Joshua || Imago

4. Tactical Improvement:

The focus on Joshua's speed, sharpness, and strength, as mentioned by TKV, indicates a strategic enhancement in his fighting approach, making him a dangerous opponent for anyone, including a powerhouse like Ngannou.

5. Analytical Advantage:

The fight against Ngannou isn't Joshua's first dance at the rodeo. With Ngannou's boxing style and capabilities now more known following his bout with Fury, Joshua and his team have the advantage of tailoring their preparation and strategy with this insight in mind. This, coupled with Joshua's experience and the strategic adjustments he's been making, gives him an edge.

Francis Nngannou || Imago
Francis Nngannou || Imago

Joshua's preparation, recent track record, and the strategic insights gained from Ngannou's fight against Fury build a strong case for his victory. The boxing world is eagerly anticipating this match to see if Joshua can capitalize on these advantages and secure another win to his illustrious career.