Why Sports Fans Should Try Out Megaways Games

Why Sports Fans Should Try Out Megaways Games

Pulse Sports Team 15:41 - 26.03.2024

Gaming is an incredibly popular pastime for those that are a fan of the sports world.

Whether you’re into golf, football, or tennis, the sports gaming world offers fans the chance to get involved in the game and feel like you are part of the team. 

There are two types of sports games to get involved in, live sports betting and sports action games. Live sports betting offers fans the chance to feel like they are involved in the game, while getting the chance to win real cash in the process.

Live sports betting is an exciting experience which takes practice and research to become successful at. 

On the other hand, there are sports action games like FIFA or NBA2k24. These games enable players to live in a fantasy world, build up their own teams as a football manager, or become a basketball player themselves.

The sports gaming world helps gamers to develop a specific set of skills in which sports gamers can be highly valuable in a commercial aspect too. 

There are a variety of channels out there to play online sports games today, however Megaways games offer a superior experience where the mechanics of the game work a little differently to other online casino games.

Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know before playing Megaways sports games. 

How are Megaways games different from other online casino games?

Megaways games offer a unique way of playing online casino games in which the software of the games has been designed slightly differently to regular casino games, offering a superior and more interactive experience.

Megaways games use a special random reel modifier mechanic that changes the number of symbols that appear on the reels, creating a varying number of paylines.

This reel mechanic offers anywhere from 243 to up to 117,649 ways to win with each spin. In addition, every spin is unique and the number of pay lines changes on every round of the game, giving players more chances to win bigger cash prizes. 

While traditional slot games are set across three to five reels, megaways slots are uniquely set across six reels. This means that a win can occur when between three and six identical symbols land on adjacent reels, as well as being able to find  seven symbols when landing on each reel at one time!

What are the benefits of playing Megaways slots over other online slot games?

Megaways sports games have a unique mechanical way of working which offer an increased amount of benefits to online players. From more interactive features to higher chances of winning, it’s a great place to be when choosing the best online sports games. 

Let’s take a closer look at the specific benefits below. 

Megaways slots give you a dramatically increased level of gameplay dynamics and control. 

There is a win multiplier mode, meaning there is a guarantee that winnings will be multiplied by several times.

Wins are experienced more frequently than many other traditional online sports games. This is enabled by the Megaways cascading reels and identical symbols, meaning wins come more often as combos are made.

There are more bonus features and offers for new players than in traditional online casino sports games. These bonus features are only made possible by the specific mechanics of Megaways games.

These games have a base mechanism where each spin can lead to an entirely new gameplay experience with up to 117, 649 unique ways to win.

What are some of the best Megaways games

Megaways provide a huge variety of slot games to choose from, including sports themed games and other exciting themes based on popular tv and movie shows, as well as the traditional classics. Let’s take a look at some of the top rated games below. 

Boom Pirates - Join a group of charismatic and well-animated pirates as they sail through the high seas. The game has an expanding reel which can provide more than 10 million ways of winning, in addition to scatter symbols which lead to free spins and a jackpot with up to 3800x your wager.

Gods of Gold - This golden temple themed game offers a 3×3 reel with 27 ways to win. The exciting part is that every time you make a matching combination, the reel increases in size to the right. 

How to get involved in the action

One of the great things about Megaways games is that they can easily be found on many quality casino sites.

The good news for seasoned players is that if you already have a favorite online sports game or casino brand that you favor, many classic and popular online slot games now have a Megeways version too. Today, there were more than 150 different Megaways slot games available online. 

Overall, Megaways slot games are some of the best online games to play, offering a superior experience and more ways to win than traditional online casino games. With so many games to choose from, there’s a great variety for every kind of sports fan.