Top 5 Must-Bet American Sports Events: A Bettor's Guide to the Biggest Tournaments

Top 5 Must-Bet American Sports Events: A Bettor's Guide to the Biggest Tournaments

Pulse Sports Team 12:40 - 16.04.2024

Nothing is more exciting than betting on your favorite sporting events in America. American sports are some of the most popular events watched on TV around the globe.

From the hard-hitting spectacle of American football to the grace of baseball, these sports are famous in America and draw huge audiences. These sporting events are not just amazing athletic performances but a chance for bettors to win some money.

Through this article, we will dive into the world of American sports that bring pleasure to millions of fans. If you are a keen gambler, this guide will help you make wise choices when it comes to bets. We will go through 5 of the biggest sporting events in the US.

These events will give you the opportunity to test your luck against the American bookmakers and gain big rewards. Let’s get into the 5 best sporting events in the US that can make you rich and, most importantly, bring you tons of excitement.

American Football

This sport goes back to the mid 19th century and is part of American culture. There are millions of fans across America and also the globe. It was in the 20th century when American football really got huge.

It started with college leagues which then turned into professional leagues and teams. The league involved in regulating this sport is the NFL, which stands for the National Football League.

Millions adore this sport as it is super physical and has a lot of athleticism. Every play in this sport is filled with drama and excitement. The various strategies keep every fan engaged until the final play.

In this sport, the Super Bowl is the major showpiece; it is the biggest game in the NFL. This event has become a cultural phenomenon. It draws viewers from across the planet and often hits billions of viewers. The halftime show is often where huge pop and rock stars perform.

There are all types of bets available in American football, including point spreads, over/under, and prop bets. Because this American pastime is so popular, there are millions of dollars bet on the sport every season, making it a great way to win some extra cash.


Closely behind football is basketball; American sports enthusiasts love the fast-paced nature of this sport. It all started in 1891, when Dr James Naismith, a teacher from Massachusetts, wanted to keep his students active and fit during the winter months so he invented basketball. It is now played and loved by millions of Americans and played in the majority of schools in the US. Because of the high flying dunks and buzzer beating shots basketball is an adrenaline filled sport.

The NBA is where you can watch the best players on earth perform. This league was set up in 1946 and draws millions of fans watching on TV. The NBA finals is where the two best teams face off each year to see which is the best. This final is a fantastic time to search for the best American bookmakers so you can place a wager. Finding the most competitive odds can help you win larger rewards.


This American sport is also known as the favorite pastime of Americans. There are stories going back to the 18th century with baseball, but it was in the mid-19th century when baseball became relevant. The professional leagues brought a large audience to baseball with the (AL) American League and the (NL) National League. What makes this American sport so loved is the huge hits called home runs and the runouts. Baseball is deeply connected to American tradition and nostalgia. 

There are big franchises in baseball including the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Betting on baseball is very exciting as there is a long season and lots of games. Money line bets are popular as well as player props. 

Ice Hockey

There is certainly a passionate fan base that adores ice hockey in the US. This is a sport that has a solid fan base in the northern areas of America, where the climate is colder. The sport goes back to the 19th century, with variations being played in Canada and Europe. The (NHL) is the leading professional league known as the National Hockey League and was established in 1917. While ice hockey is not as popular as other American sports, there are plenty of opportunities to place bets. Try placing a puck line bet or money line bet in this sport. 


In other places around the world, it is known as football, but soccer has been growing a lot in the US over the last few decades. It is not as traditional as American football or baseball, but the younger generation loves soccer.

This sport dates back to the 19th century when immigrants brought the game from Europe. The (MLS) Major Soccer League was established in 1996 and is the professional league. Soccer is accessible for everyone as you only need a football and can start playing. With increased media coverage and some big stars from abroad playing in the MLS, soccer has taken off. 

Bettors can try their luck at picking the first goal scorer or correct score. There are exciting opportunities to place wagers on soccer and make nice profits. Soccer is sure to only get bigger in the US, so there is tons of potential in this sport.