The Premier League Title Race – Who Will Come Out on Top?

The Premier League Title Race – Who Will Come Out on Top?

Pulse Sports Team 12:44 - 15.03.2024

It's a three-horse race going into the tail-end of the EPL season, but which team will be crowned champions?

The 2023-2024 Premier League season is heading into the last few matches – and this looks like it could be a record-breaking year with three teams all in contention for lifting the title this year. 

Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal are separated at the top of the table by just two points, and with only a handful of games remaining it really is anyone’s guess who will win in the end. 

The final day of the season is May 19, and before we get there all three teams will have to face some stiff opposition – including each other. 

Let’s take a look at the history of each team in the Premier League and what past performance might say about their chances, definitely worth betting on. 

Manchester City

Playing out of the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, Man City was established back in 1887

They have won the Premier League a total of seven times, five of which in the last decade – and if they win this year, they will be the first team in Premier League history to have won four seasons back-to-back. 

Truly historical stuff from a team that has been runner-up in all seasons in the last 10 years where they didn’t lift the trophy. 

On paper. Manchester City have the toughest opponents over their next few games, both sides of the international break – but under Pep Guardiola they have proven time and time again that they perform well under pressure and are unlikely to drop points at this crucial stage of the season. 


Arsenal are one of several teams that hail from London, playing out of the Emirates Stadium. Established in 1886, it was the ‘90s and early 2000s where they were most often successful in the Premier League – a state that Mikel Arteta seems to be heading towards again this season despite many challenges along the way. 

Arsenal have only won the Premier League three times; the most recent was in 2003. In the last ten years, they managed second-place last year and in the 2015-2016 season but have struggled to even get in the top three. 

This year, Arsenal are coming down the line with a rather unexpected run of success, including the record-breaking defeat of Sheffield that will have massively boosted their confidence. This might be the difference maker, especially when you consider that last year, they only won three of their last nine games in the Premier League. 

On paper, they have the easiest matches in the upcoming fixtures, but that doesn’t mean much when they need to beat (or at least draw with) Man City when they face each other at the end of the month. 


Liverpool play from Anfield, and this might be one of the loudest and most supportive grounds in all the Premier League. Many managers and teams have spoken about the Anfield atmosphere and the unrelenting support that Jurgen Klopp and his team have garnered in Liverpool and beyond. 

Established in 1892, Liverpool might be the youngest of the clubs in this three-way title race, but they are undoubtably the most decorated; with 19 top-flight league trophies and the most recent in 2019-20. 

In the last decade, they might not have seen the dizzying heights of success that Man City has – and let’s be honest, their last Premier League win was the first top of the table finish that they have had in 30 years. However, there might just be a secret ingredient to Liverpool’s success that the other teams just cannot match – Jurgen Klopp.

Quite possibly the most beloved football manager in the world – and at least in the Premier League, Klopp announcing his departure from the club at the end of the season adds an emotional pull for the team to compete to their absolute best. They are still in position to lift another three trophies before the end of the season to go with the Carabao Cup that they have already won and doing it for Klopp might be all the impetus they need to dethrone the rampaging Manchester City and put a halt to the usurping Arsenal squad. 

Who Will Win?

For neutral fans who have no skin in  the game, the title race is shaping up to be one of the most exciting finishes to a season in living memory. If all three teams can continue their winning ways, every single match, every single goal, and every single clean sheet will make a difference – so it will come down to individual performance at every level. 

Arsenal have not had a taste of Premier League glory for a long time, and despite a second-place finish last year they fizzled out in terms of performance as the pressure increased – something they need to avoid this year if they are to remain in contention. 

Manchester City are the favorites, of course, with such a strong performance history over the last decade – but Liverpool is playing for Klopp with the passion of Anfield, giving them a strength that could be the decision maker.