Freebie offer: How to enjoy ₦600,000 in Free Bets from BetKing

Freebie offer: How to enjoy ₦600,000 in Free Bets from BetKing

Pulse Sports Team 18:27 - 02.05.2024

By simply following these easy steps to place wagers on BetKing’s sportsbook markets and Virtual Football Leagues you can win up to ₦600k

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, the popular saying goes.  However, “awoof dey purge belle” is another saying that sounds a warning about the dangers of falling foul of what seems to be a “sure thing.”

So, what to do when you come across an exciting offer like BetKing’s “bet and get ₦600,000 in Free Bets” promo? Well, that’s where we come in. 

Today, we’ll examine the teeth of this gift horse AND help you decide whether it’s genuine or not.

BetKing’s exciting new offer explained

The “welcome” in the name of the offer is a clear sign that this offer is available to only new joiners. To qualify, place wagers on BetKing’s sportsbook markets and Virtual Football Leagues and get 10% of your stake back in Free Bets the next day as long as certain conditions are met.

How to qualify for the offer

Follow these simple steps to qualify for “bet and get ₦600k”:

  1. Visit BetKing’s mobile website or download their mobile apps. There are two of them; Android and iOS

  2. Sign in, verify your identity by following the prompts you’ll get on the app/website and make your first deposit.

  3. Place a bet on sportsbook and/or Virtual Football Leagues markets.

  4. As long as you meet the preset conditions outlined on BetKing’s help page, you’ll receive Free Bets corresponding to 10% of the value of the bets you placed earlier the next day.

Conditions to meet to satisfy to claim this offer

Naturally, since this is a promotion, there are conditions that you need to satisfy to claim the offer. Luckily, these are easily achievable conditions, and we’ve outlined some below:

  • Qualifying bets need to be settled on the same day to receive Free Bets the next day: If you place a bet on Wednesday, that bet needs to be settled on the same day to claim your Free Bets the next day (Thursday). If, for example, you place a long-running bet spread across a week, you’ll receive your Free Bets bonus on the day after the last game is played. And that cuts into the eligibility period of the promo.
  • There’s a minimum daily wager requirement of ₦500 for each of the products: You need to wager a minimum of ₦500 daily across Sportsbook/ Virtual Leagues markets to qualify.
  • The maximum in Free Bets you can received is capped at 22,000 for Sportsbook and 22,000 for the Virtual Leagues: No, you can’t bet ₦200,000 on Monday and expect ₦100,000 in Free Bets on Tuesday. The max? ₦44,000 across the online betting markets.
  • The offer is only valid for 14 days, beginning from the day you sign up: If you sign up today, the offer is valid until 15/05/2024.

For the full list of what you need to do to qualify for this offer, check out BetKing’s help page.


This gift horse has the potential to land you even bigger wins that before. As long as you meet the (easily achievable) conditions, every naira of the ₦600,000 is available for you to claim.

There’re many reasons why bettors think BetKing has the best betting site in Nigeria, this is one of them.

Don’t just take our word for it, sign up with BetKing today and experience this amazing offer for yourself!