Boxing Sports Betting for Beginners

Boxing Sports Betting for Beginners

Boxing Sports Betting for Beginners

Pulse Sports Team 19:13 - 01.12.2023

People have always placed wagers on the outcome of sporting matches, and there are plenty of sports that were traditionally particularly popular for betting. Boxing is one of these, not least because it has a long and distinguished history as a sport with fixed rules and a well-established code of conduct.

This meant that spectators could be sure that the results of each match would be fair to make betting more appealing. This is true today and boxing is still a sport that attracts a lot of interest with some of the top contenders making global news for their skills in the ring.

As smartphones become more popular and the online gambling market grows, this has increased the appeal of sports betting. There are now lots of online betting providers to choose from offering many sports bets including bets on boxing matches

If you are new to sports betting and want to know how to start betting on boxing, there are a few things you need to know:

Research is key

Anyone can guess who is likely to win a fight, but if you want to increase your chances of success in boxing sports betting, then you need to learn as much as you can about the fighters. Fortunately, this is easier than ever as most established boxers will have their entire fight record available online, so you can see who they’ve fought and how they have fared throughout their career.

It’s also worth checking the latest news from each fighter to learn about injuries that could affect their performance, what their latest results have been like and how their training is going. It’s also worth finding out about their style and learning what method they usually win or lose by.

Find the odds that work for you

Bookmakers' odds aren’t infallible and sometimes you can leverage your knowledge of a particular fighter or situation to capitalise on odds that would tell the opposite story. If you think a particular match-up might go to the underdog, you can make the most of the favourable odds to maximise your win.

While this kind of insight isn’t guaranteed to help you pick a winner, if you can spot a trend that goes against what the bookies are expecting, then you can definitely increase your chances of winning.

Keep your cool

Any sports fan will have favourite participants and boxing is no exception, but it’s important to put your personal feelings about who you want to win aside when betting. You can support the fighter you prefer in your heart, but when it comes to cold hard cash you have to back the better prospect.

It’s also important to consider your bets and make them when you are able to think rationally about the odds. While there is a market for in-game betting, it’s also important not to get carried away with the excitement of a particularly close-run bout, so try and form a strategy before the fight starts and then stick to it.

Consider all your betting options

While the obvious bet is on who will win, known as an outright bet, there are plenty of other bets that really allow you to leverage your knowledge of the fighters involved. The selection can depend on the bookmaker, but some of the most common include:

Prop Bets

There are so many different prop bets associated with boxing, including:

  • Will there be a knockout?
  • Will there be any points deductions?
  • Will both fighters go the distance?
  • Will the fight be a draw?
  • How will the winner win?
  • Will there be a knockdown?

Round Betting

You can bet on the round in which the fight will conclude and the odds on each round reflect the likelihood of the match finishing at that point. This means that early rounds usually have long odds which will start to shorten for the favourite as the round progress.

Over/Under Rounds

This is simply a bet about how long a fight will last and whether it will be finished before a specified point or not. The point will vary depending on who is fighting, so a match-up between fighters without many knockouts on their records might have an over/under of eleven and a half rounds, whereas a bout between two fighters with form for knockouts might be eight and a half.

Most standard bets will be available with any reputable bookmaker, but you can search for more niche alternatives. Just make sure that any site you use is legitimate before parting with any personal details. 

Find the right bookmaker

From generous welcome bonuses to a wide range of prop bets, the perfect bookie looks different for everyone. Most sports betting fans want everything in one place so that they can easily manage their bets, check out the latest results, and keep track of the most relevant news stories.