A different way to win: How to easily navigate BetKing’s Online Casino

A different way to win: How to easily navigate BetKing’s Online Casino

Pulse Sports Team 17:21 - 26.03.2024

Quality of life can only truly be measured by the number of options available to you. The more options you have, the more choices available to you and vice versa. 

This also applies in the online betting world; the more betting products available to you, the more you chances you have to win big!

Today, the product we’ll be discussing is Online Casino, specifically; BetKing’s Online Casino games. 


What is an Online Casino and how can you navigate it?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a casino is “a building where games, especially roulette and card games are played for money.”

Ergo, an online casino is where you can do all of that virtually, from your mobile device.

To get to BetKing’s online casino, visit their homepage and click on the “casino” tab to access the exciting games there.

BetKing’s selection of Casino offerings

With a vast collection of online casino games to pick from, you’re spoiled for choice with BetKing. Here are some of the most popular with bettors:

Aviator: Take to the skies in a jet and time it juuuuuuust right to win big! Watch the multiplier soar as you wait for the best time to end the flight and cash out at the perfect moment.

If you can display your immaculate timing and hold your nerve long enough, you will enjoy the best possible returns. Hold on too long, and watch the jet crash, along with your accumulated profits.

American Blackjack: Enjoy one of the simplest and best Extra Lite Casino Games around! Show off your blackjack skills, beat the dealer’s hand and enjoy the MASSIVE multiplier that comes with wins. 

With a minimum bet value of just N20, you can afford to test the game in the demo mode and also wager some money you don’t mind losing before risking larger sums. 

Crash Duel X : This high-stakes tug o’ war-themed crash casino game is an instant classic. It has a simple, yet exciting premise; a sheriff’s posse faces off against a gang of bandits/outlaws in a tug o’ war over a bag of gold.

Place your bet and if you can time it just right just before the rope snaps, you can cash out big time. As an additional bonus, you can pick a side and win even more if you pick the side that drags the other into the canyon.

Additional bonus - pick a side when you place your bet and win some extra money if the side you picked drags their opponents into the canyon and claims the bag of gold!

Beware the Deep Megaways: Dive into the ocean to look for treasure, a la Dirk Pitt in “beware the deep megaways”. Spin the wheel and match the rum, treasure chest and bells symbols for a chance to win big out of a staggering 117,649 different win possibilities. Mix it up with scatter symbols when you win to aim for an even bigger payout!

FootballX: Combine your love for football and casino games in this exhilarating Crash game that puts you in the heart of the action. Start the game, and time it just right by predicting how long the player can juggle the ball before falling over to win big!

And remember, whether it’s a period, like now, when club football is on break, or right during the thick of the club football season, you can enjoy BetKing’s Online Casino offerings as a supplement/alternative.

Sign up with BetKing today, visit their Blog (for the “bet of the day” and other betting tips) and find out for yourself why we rate them so highly!