Jayson Tatum: 13 interesting things you should know about the five-time all star forward

Jayson Tatum in action for Boston Celtics.

Jayson Tatum: 13 interesting things you should know about the five-time all star forward

Kolawole Babatunde 19:00 - 08.05.2024

Jayson Tatum is a 6-foot-8 forward for the Boston Celtics and has become a household name in the NBA. Drafted by the Celtics in 2017, he's blossomed into a five-time All-Star and a key player in their championship run.

Tatum's scoring prowess is undeniable; his playmaking and rebounding contribute significantly to the Celtics' success.  His clutch performances in the 2022 playoffs earned him the Eastern Conference Finals MVP award, a stepping stone to the NBA Finals.

Tatum's talent is undeniable, but his work ethic and dedication are what truly set him apart. With his star on the rise, basketball fans can expect to see even greater things from Jayson Tatum in the years to come. However, there are also other parts of his life like romance, his son and his childhood that makes for an interesting read. 

Jayson Tatum received the Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP award for a record-breaking performance.

Who is Jayson Tatum?

Jayson Tatum is an NBA star, playing small forward for the Boston Celtics. Drafted 3rd overall in 2017, he's become a force on offense, averaging nearly 27 points per game. A five-time All-Star, he led the Celtics to the 2022 Finals and earned Eastern Conference Finals MVP honors. Tatum's also an Olympic gold medalist, showcasing his talent on the international stage. He's considered one of the league's best young scorers and has the potential to become a future NBA legend.

Find out more about Jayson Tatum as we bring you 13 amazing facts about the Olympic gold medalist

1. How old is Jayson Tatum?

Jayson Tatum's age is 26 years as of 2024. He was born on March 3, 1998 in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Chaminade College Preparatory School in Creve Coeur, Missouri where he played basketball. 

2. Where is Jayson Tatum from?

The Celtics forward was born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America, and is American. He is African-American by ethnicity, and practices Christianity as a religion. 

3. Jayson Tatum's father 

Jayson Tatum's father is Justin Tatum. Justin played a significant role in Jayson's basketball development, pushing him with a tough-love approach that instilled a strong work ethic. Their relationship was not always easy, but Justin's dedication helped Jayson become the NBA star he is today. Justin also played basketball, starting during his days at Christian Brothers College high school while playing alongside his son's future godfather, former NBA star Larry Hughes. He also played for Saint Louis University in college, a time when he became a father. 

After graduation, Justin played basketball professionally in the Netherlands for three years before becoming an assistant coach at his alma mater, Christian Brothers College, after retirement. 

Recently, Justin's career took a leap too. In 2023, he was named the interim head coach of the Illawarra Hawks in Australia's National Basketball League before the contract was made permanent in February 2024. Justin has two other children besides Jayson: a son, Jaycob, and a daughter, Kayden.

4. Jayson Tatum mom 

Jayson Tatum's mom is Brandy Cole-Barnes and she raised him primarily as a single mother in St. Louis, Missouri, facing challenges but persevering. Brandy earned a law degree while raising Jayson, and she took him to her classes.

They share a close bond and she is often seen at Celtics games with Jayson's son, Deuce.  Brandy is active on Twitter, publicly supporting her son's career. Brandy remarried in 2016, to Marcus "Jake" Barnes, and she is still with him till date.

5. Jayson Tatum's height 

Jayson Tatum stands tall at 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters). This height is advantageous for his position as a forward-guard in the NBA.  Being tall allows him to shoot over defenders, rebound effectively, and defend a wider range of players.  Interestingly, he even holds the record for most points scored in an NBA All-Star game (55 points) – a feat likely aided by his impressive height and wingspan.

Jayson Tatum was the star of the game as the Celtics recorded a much-needed win against the Hawks to go up by two in the series.
Jayson Tatum in action for Boston Celtics

6. Who is Jayson Tatum dating? 

Jayson Tatum is reportedly dating British R&B singer Ella Mai. They have been linked since around October 2020, but the couple keeps their relationship private. While they have not made many public appearances together, they were spotted at a party in the Hamptons in 2020. They seem to prefer to focus on their respective careers - Tatum on the court and Mai with her music.  Mai is a successful artist with hits like "Boo'd Up" and "Trip".

Boston Celtics star, Jayson Tatum, and his baby mama, Toriah Lachell (Source: @jaysontatum0/Instagram)

7. Is Jayson Tatum married? 

Jayson Tatum is not currently married. However, he is in a relationship with British R&B singer Ella Mai, but they have chosen to keep their romance mostly private. News outlets occasionally report on them being seen together, but there have not been any announcements of an engagement or marriage.

Though Tatum does have a son, Deuce, from a previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Toriah Lachell. They welcomed their son on December 6, 2017, when they were both 19 years old, six months after Jayson was selected as the NBA's third draft pick.

8. Jayson Tatum Son

Jayson Tatum has a son, Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr., affectionately nicknamed "Deuce." Born on December 6, 2017, Deuce has become a familiar face at Boston Celtics games, cheering on his dad and becoming a fan favorite with his adorable antics.

Though Tatum and Deuce's mom, Toriah Lachell, are not together, Tatum remains a very involved father. Deuce even has his own personalised touch on Tatum's sneakers and has also become somewhat of a mascot for the Celtics team.

9. When was Jayson Tatum drafted? 

Jayson Tatum entered the NBA in the 2017 draft and was selected by the Boston Celtics with the third overall pick. This came after the Celtics strategically traded their original number one pick to acquire additional assets.

Tatum's arrival marked the Celtics' second year in a row grabbing a small forward at number three, following Jaylen Brown in 2016.  This move proved to be a successful one, as Tatum has blossomed into a key player for Boston. He's a five-time NBA All-Star and a rising star in the league.

10. Jayson Tatum stats

Jayson Tatum, a star forward for the Boston Celtics, has established himself as a force in the NBA. Over his seven seasons, he's averaged an impressive 23.1 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game across 513 regular season appearances.

Jayson Tatum NBA 2K24 rating

This 2023-24 season has been Tatum’s best year yet, as he's currently averaging a career-high 26.9 points per game, along with 8.1 rebounds and 4.9 assists. His well-rounded scoring is evident with a 47.1% field goal percentage and a respectable 37.6% from three-point range. Tatum's scoring prowess has been crucial for the Celtics' success this season.

11. Jayson Tatum contract  

Jayson Tatum signed a five-year contract extension with the Boston Celtics in 2021, in a deal worth a total of $163 million, with an average salary of $32.6 million annually. The contract includes a player option for the final year (2024-25) where Tatum could choose to become a free agent.  

However, it's a significant option worth $37 million, making it financially attractive for him to stay with Boston.  The Celtics are likely hoping Tatum exercises this option and remains a key piece of their team for years to come.

12. What is Jayson Tatum's salary? 

Jayson Tatum currently earns a base salary of $32,600,060 annually with the Boston Celtics. He was on $7,518,330 and a guaranteed amount of $12,346,200 in his initial rookie contract with the team. 

13. What is Jayson Tatum's net worth? 

Jayson Tatum's net worth is around $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Tatum's wealth comes primarily from his NBA salary, which increased after he signed a lucrative contract with the Boston Celtics worth over $163 million. 

He also has endorsement deals with major brands like Jordan Brand, Gatorade, and Subway, which add to his income. However, given his young age, rising stardom, and ongoing contract, Tatum's net worth is likely to continue increasing in the coming years.