Usain Bolt vs Tyreek Hill: Track legend reacts to Shannon Sharpe's bold claim of him losing a 40m race

Usain Bolt vs Tyreek Hill: Track legend reacts to Shannon Sharpe's bold claim of him losing a 40m race

Funmilayo Fameso 10:46 - 30.05.2024

Legendary sprinter Usain Bolt reacted to his comparison with Tyreek Hill by Shannon Sharpe, and he isn't having the 'disrespect' at all.

Usain Bolt has had enough of sports podcasters insinuating he'd be defeated in a sprint race and has now come for Shannon Sharpe, who boldly claimed NFL star Tyreek Hill wins a 40m dash race ahead of him.

Sharpe, a three-time NFL Super Bowl winner tipped Hill to defeat the fastest man in history over a 40m dash race.

Shannon Sharpe thinks Tyreek Hill will defeat Bolt in a 40m dash race

In the Nightcap podcast show, Sharpe bragged that the Jamaican track legend is retired and isn't at his best again, so it'll be an easy win for the wide receiver regarded as one of the fastest in the NFL.

"Probably Tyreek Hill. Usain Bolt probably has not run since he retired, since he last ran at the 2017 World Championships in which he won the bronze. So I'll take Tyreek," said Sharpe when asked who he thinks will win a 40m dash race right now between Bolt and Hill.

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However, Sharpe believes world 60m record holder Christian Coleman has an edge over Hill in a 40m race.

"Christian Coleman, I'll blow the doors off Tyreek. You see how Christian Coleman get out of the block? He got the fastest start I've ever seen."

In response to this, Bolt quoted the post with a simple sentence: "Not even in a next universe," he wrote.

Usain Bolt vs Kylian Mbappe saga

This isn't the first time that the multiple world record holder has been compared to other swift sports stars at them winning a sprint race - the last being his comparison with football speedster Kylian Mbappe.

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The 'disrespectful' analogy was made by popular UK-based media firm BBC Sport posting the 100m speed of Mbappe as 10.9 seconds, which is 'just over a second' slower than Bolt's World Record of 9.58 seconds.

Bolt gave a hilarious response to this saying: "I know I was laughing when I saw it. The girls are running faster than that [10.9]," he said, chatting with @jumpers_world founder Andreas Trajkovski.

Can swift sportsmen dominate a sprint race against Usain Bolt now?

Most NFL wide receivers like Hill and football wingers are known to be very fast, which is why there's always the comparison with renowned sprinters.

Tyreek Hill

Despite their swiftness, their speed will mostly never match up with a professional sprinter who has dedicated most of his years to mastering how to run fast in any sprint race.

In this case, while Bolt may be retired, that doesn't mean he can't still dominate a sprint race, especially against an amateur runner. In addition, the Jamaican icon retired as the greatest sprinter in history.

The truth is retired or not and whether he's no longer in his best shape, Bolt will always be the favourite to win a sprint race now as long as he isn't competing with fellow professional sprinters who are still active in the sport.