Ogun State rewards Tobi Amusan

Ogun State rewards Tobi Amusan

Hassan Abdulsalam 05:12 - 07.07.2024

Dapo Abiodun rewarded athletes who won gold medals at the African Games with a cash prize of N500,000 each, with silver and bronze medal winners receiving N300,000 and N250,000 respectively.

Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, celebrated the achievements of the state athletes at a special ceremony.

The event, held at the Alake Sports Centre in Abeokuta, honored medal winners from both national and international competitions, including the 13th African Games in Accra.

Athletes who secured gold medals received a cash reward of N500,000 each, while silver and bronze medalists were awarded N300,000 and N250,000 respectively.

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Among those recognized were prominent names like Tobi Amusan who was represented by her mother, Dorcas Adesokan, Adebisi Adekanbi, Joy Ola, Onyebuchi Chisom, and Sagari John.

Boosting morale and Inspiring the next Generation

The Commissioner for Sports, Wasiu Isiaka, commended the athletes for their hard work and dedication, highlighting the importance of celebrating their achievements.

Nigeria's hurdling queen Tobi Amusan

Isiaka emphasised that these rewards not only boost athlete morale but also inspire future generations to pursue excellence in sports.

The ceremony acknowledged the talent and dedication displayed by athletes across Africa at the 13th African Games.

Isiaka further praised the Ogun State athletes who represented Nigeria, stating: "Your dedication and perseverance have paid off, and your names will go down in history as champions.

“I am convinced that celebrating the incredible achievements of our talented athletes and expressing our gratitude to them for making Ogun State proud on both national and international stages will not only boost their morale but will also inspire others to put in their best since they know that it’s now a tradition from His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun CON to reward hard-working and excellence.

“The 13th African Games saw an impressive display of talent and dedication from athletes across the continent. Consequently, among them, a group of exceptional individuals stood out. Their hard work and perseverance culminated in the ultimate recognition, which the medals symbolize. These athletes have made their countries proud, inspiring a new generation of sports enthusiasts and cementing their places in history.

“To our own Ogun Athletes who made the list of TEAM NIGERIA at the 13th African Games in Accra Ghana, your dedication and perseverance have paid off, and your names will go down in history as champions. You have proven that, with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Your achievements will continue to inspire a new generation of athletes, and your legacy will live on for years to come,” he said.

Ogun State will host the 35th edition of the National Sports Festival in January 2025.