Noah Lyles announces major change in the content posted on his YouTube Channel

ATHLETICS Noah Lyles announces major change in the content posted on his YouTube Channel

Abigael Wafula 15:33 - 09.02.2024

Noah Lyles will be changing the content posted on his YouTube Channel as he seeks to be more creative and share his personal life with his fans.

Two-time World 200m champion Noah Lyles has announced a major shift in the content that will be published on his YouTube channel which has more than 100 thousand subscribers.

Lyles was used to posting more serious content to do with his training and even giving tips to athletes on how they can execute races perfectly.

However, he is now shifting to a more creative font where he intends to share his personal life with his fans since he admitted that ‘coaching’ is not something he loves doing.

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“It’s not my passion to be a coach, it’s just not what I enjoy but I have enjoyed being creative, doing fun things with my friends, and being able to show the amazing side of what it’s like being an athlete whether that’s on the track or off the track.

“Going to a fashion shoot, going to walk in a fashion show, going to music videos or concerts or even having game nights and being creative with it.

“I want to show more of that, so just like the unseen journey, I will also be putting the grassroots and how to get faster away into a playlist for everybody to be watched but they will be unlisted from the YouTube Channel,” the triple World champion said in a video on his YouTube Channel.

He added that he hopes to change the outlook of the channel and by this change, he has his fingers crossed that all his fans stick by his side.

“We will also be changing the energy and the vibe that you’ll be seeing going on so far. We are hoping to give more creative journeys so even though we might not be doing a gym video where it’s just saying lift this, you might see us lifting with some of my other teammates in a format that might be more fun.

“We hope that you like those videos just as much as you liked the how to get faster videos. I know this is going to be a change and some of you might stay and I hope you all stay. We want to bring the energy that you don’t see in the sport,” Lyles added.

The American also lauded his fans for supporting him throughout and promised to make the content as enjoyable as he can.