Fred Kerley's rollercoaster day at NYC Grand Prix ends with reportedly parting with ASICS

Fred Kerley's rollercoaster day at NYC Grand Prix ends with reportedly parting with ASICS

Funmilayo Fameso 09:42 - 10.06.2024

Fred Kerley and ASICS have reportedly parted ways after being seen on PUMA spikes at NYC Grand Prix.

Former world champion Fred Kerley and his main apparel sponsors ASICS, have reportedly parted ways after he was seen wearing PUMA spikes to compete at the NYC Grand Prix.

The American speedster was seen wearing the competitor spikes during his warm-up and on the track to run with it. However, he ended up not running with them as he walked out of the track complaining he couldn't continue because the starting blocks were broken and didn't get new ones.

Fred Kerley on Puma Spikes // @fkerley99 / X

"I was requesting new blocks. One of my pads was broken. I slipped the first time, and then I slipped the second time, and not about to have it happen a third time" said Kerley on what happened at the start of the NYC Grand Prix 100m.

"First of all, them blocks look like elementary blocks," he said. "We at a professional meet. So you should have professional blocks with professional sensors on them."

Kerley said he decided to step off the track before the 100m start out of caution and to prevent injury.

"I had to make that because I'm getting cold, so if you get cold, you know what happens when you get cold."

Before this after the 27-year-old was spotted putting on PUMA spikes, which Chris Chavez reported that a spokesperson from ASICS told him they had mutually parted ways with Kerley.

"Just heard back from a spokesperson for ASICS after Fred Kerley’s appearance at the New York City Grand Prix wearing competitor spikes:

Statement: “ASICS and Fred Kerley have mutually parted ways and he is no longer an ASICS sponsored athlete. We wish him the best in his career.”

Later, Kerley clarified that he wore the Puma spikes because he had forgotten his ASICS shoes at the airport.

"I ain't switched it up," he said. "I left my bag at the airport."

Fred Kerley spotted with PUMA spikes before his 100m outing at the NYC Grand Prix

The Tokyo 2021 Olympic silver medallist joined ASICS in 2023 and has a Personal Best (PB) of 9.73s, which makes him the sixth-fastest man in history.