Total Athlete Sportal Africa (TASA) Pioneers Sports Talent Discovery and Development in Africa

Total Athlete Sportal Africa (TASA) Pioneers Sports Talent Discovery and Development in Africa

Pulse Sports Team 12:53 - 01.03.2024

Unveiling Africa’s Premier Sports Talent Hub: TASA’s Groundbreaking Initiative

Total Athlete Sportal Africa (TASA) is launching a revolutionary platform, (, marking a pivotal moment in the continent's sports landscape. Serving as Africa’s inaugural fully integrated sports talent discovery and development portal, TASA aims to revolutionize the way talent is unearthed, nurtured, educated and propelled to success.

TASA inaugurated its journey with an electrifying proof-of- concept  “Under 15” male football tournament, signaling the commencement of a comprehensive youth development and community outreach program. The event showcased remarkable young talents, in a fiercely competitive environment.

Objectives and Impact

The event was strategically designed to achieve multiple objectives:

- Sensitization for the Upcoming TASA Sports development Platform: By bringing together aspiring talents, coaches, scouts, licensed agents, academies and other sports stakeholders, TASA aimed to raise awareness about its platform and initiatives.

- Exposing Talents to Sporting Opportunities: TASA provided a platform for young athletes to explore and access sporting opportunities from an early age, fostering a culture of talent discovery and development across Africa.

- Providing Scholarship Opportunities: Recognizing the importance of education alongside sports, TASA offered on-the-spot scholarship opportunities for primary and secondary school education, emphasizing the significance of holistic development.

Commendations from Industry Leaders

Michael Sodeke, President of the African Football Agents Association, lauded the event, describing it as an excellent showcase of verifiable talent. He emphasized the importance of TASA's digital portal in combating age cheating, monitoring performance development of talents, encouraging talents to have a “plan B” urging support from national football federations and sports ministries.

Bashir Rufai, TASA's coordinator, articulated the platform's vision of building an inclusive ecosystem for sports stakeholders of all ages. He highlighted TASA's commitment to producing verified data, promoting education alongside sports, encouraging explori them to explore careers in and out of sports  and driving infrastructural development across African sports.

TASA's Threefold Focus

Rufai outlined TASA's threefold focus:

1. Verified and Verifiable Data: TASA prioritizes the production of accurate data to authenticate the talent pool and facilitate transparent opportunities.

2. Education and Sports Integration: TASA advocates for the simultaneous pursuit of education and sports, debunking the notion of a binary choice between the two paths.

3. Infrastructural Development: TASA is dedicated to enhancing the sports infrastructure across Africa, laying the foundation for sustainable growth and success.

TASA emerges as a beacon of hope for African sports, ushering in a new era of inclusivity, transparency, and opportunity. With its pioneering approach to talent discovery and development, TASA is poised to shape the future of African sports on the global stage.