'Messi would never' - Angry sports fans react to fake news of Ronaldo's hotel helping Morrocco earthquake victims

Ronaldo has been attacked on social media after it was revealed that his hotel wasn't helping Morrocco earthquake victims as earlier reported, fans believe Messi won't do such | Photo Credit: Imago

'Messi would never' - Angry sports fans react to fake news of Ronaldo's hotel helping Morrocco earthquake victims

Asukwo Oduo 12:28 - 12.09.2023

Angry sports fans have called out Cristiano Ronaldo after it was revealed that his hotel didn’t offer free accommodation to victims of Morrocco earthquake.

A few days ago, it was widely reported by many reputable news outlets like the Dailystar that the Portuguese star’s hotel in Marrakesh provided free shelter for Moroccans fleeing the natural disaster that had ravaged their nation. 

Morrocco had been hit by a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake that drew global attention and sympathy.    

While some called for prayers, others pleaded that donations be made to help those affected in the North African country.

Famous football stars and sports icons showed support by tweeting and standing in solitary with Moroccans in despair.

It is false information - Ronaldo’s Hotel responds

News of Ronaldo’s hotel helping victims went viral on social media, leaving many in awe of the generosity of the Al Nassr forward. 

However, a senior staff at Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel informed the Liberation that claims of helping earthquake victims in Morrocco are false.   

"This is false information,” the report quoted the hotel. “All the customers we have at the moment have made a reservation normally," the source said.

When Pulse Sports published this new update, it generated lots of reactions, especially on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).   

Reactions - Messi can never  

Many wondered why such false narratives would have been pushed to the front burner, especially in a sensitive issue that has claimed over 2,000 lives, per Pulse Nigeria.    

One @Wefterrr said, “Ronaldo FC went too far with its false notifications,” while @BasheerTK queried, “Who even spread this false information 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️.”

Another person, @JaffoCFC said, “They just tryna make story so as to believe he has got good heart😭😭,” while @NahBlUD12 believes “Messi would never.”

@Tayubkhan1799 said, “Can you imagine how many went there because of false information spread by his shameless fanbanse,” while @AdekolaOladele said, “Ronaldo fans and anything fake 🤝.”

While it may be entirely wrong to blame Ronaldo for all of these, the Portuguese star and his PR team might need to do a lot more to avoid being linked to false and controversial information.