Ex-Shujaa speedstar Dennis Ombachi hosts Ferdinand Omanyala & wife to scrumptious delicacy

Ex-Shujaa speedstar Dennis Ombachi hosts Ferdinand Omanyala & wife to scrumptious delicacy

06:00 - 22.04.2024

Dennis Ombachi invites Ferdinand Omanyala and his wife to his cooking show ahead of the Olympic games.

Former Kenya Sevens rugby star, Dennis Ombachi, has seamlessly transitioned from the rugby pitch to the kitchen, captivating audiences with his culinary skills and charismatic personality. 

As the countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games in Paris this August begins, Ombachi has invited Kenyan Olympic athletes to join him in his cooking adventures, blending sportsmanship with gastronomy.

In his latest culinary escapade, Ombachi hosted sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala and his wife, showcasing their cooking prowess as they prepared a delectable spread featuring peri peri chicken, Ugali, and Black Nightshade (managu) on his balcony. 

The camaraderie between Ombachi and Omanyala, who once shared a rugby pitch before Omanyala's transition to track and field, added a nostalgic touch to the cooking session as they reminisced about their sporting days.

With less than 100 days to the Olympics, Ombachi announced his plans to host fellow Olympians, both current and former, as they gear up for the prestigious tournament.

The Rise of the 'Roaming Chef'

Before the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ombachi's culinary journey took him on a nomadic path, catering to diverse households and exploring a myriad of cuisines. 

This unique approach not only allowed him to hone his culinary skills but also fostered lasting connections with those he served.

It was during this pre-pandemic era that the identity of the 'Roaming Chef' was born, reflecting Ombachi's adventurous spirit and passion for cooking.

The outbreak of COVID-19 posed challenges for many in the food and hospitality industry, prompting Ombachi to adapt and innovate.

 He diversified his culinary ventures by venturing into chili sauce production and embraced the world of content creation, sharing his culinary experiences and expertise with a broader audience from the comfort of his balcony.

"Covid made me start selling chili sauces and introduced me to content creation from the balcony, and I have never looked back. Not sure what the future holds for me, but I am just getting started, and I want to thank you all for the endless support through the years," Ombachi shared.

TikTok Top Creator

Ombachi's foray into content creation proved to be a success, earning him recognition as the best TikTok content creator in Sub-Saharan Africa at the TikTok Top Creators Awards in January 2023.

 His engaging content, signature sign-off 'Done!', and tantalizing dishes have garnered international acclaim, solidifying his status as a culinary artist and content creator to watch.

As Dennis Ombachi continues to blend his passion for cooking with his knack for content creation, he inspires and entertains audiences with his culinary tales and recipes, proving that with creativity and resilience, one can turn challenges into opportunities for growth and success.