Guide to getting into Ice Hockey

How can fans get interested in watching ice hockey


ice hockey

Guide to getting into Ice Hockey

Pulse Sports Team 14:38 - 17.05.2024

Ice hockey has quickly risen to great providence and relevance in recent years which has allowed a vast variety of sports fans to enjoy some of the many established star names and organizations that perform on a frequent basis in some very intense and intriguing contests from leagues such as the NHL.

While many casual sports fans may associate the main outlet for ice hockey popularity to be situated throughout the nation of Canada and parts of the US, there is now an ever growing and greatly developing demand for future ice hockey contests to be aired in different regions around the world.

Ice Hockey
Guide to getting into Ice Hockey

The sport has since encapsulated fans with its never-ending action of gritty play and fast-paced tempo which certainly sets many ice hockey contests apart from other sports events that may operate with a more methodical pace and are less focused on physical play.

Many of the best ice hockey games that are featured in the scene today are mainly situated within the sport’s most popular and highly prestigious competition which of course is the National Hockey League (NHL) which has gained a sublime reputation for pitting the very best hockey talent that is available anywhere around the globe against one another whilst representing one of the many 32 decorated franchises that are instantly recognizable amongst all sporting fans.

For any sports fan who is aiming to take up an interest in ice hockey or maybe keen to learn more about the sport overall, here is a brief but compelling guide into the sport that could spike your interest as well as a wider look at the NHL with the 2024 playoffs now set to get underway.

The 2024 NHL season so far

All teams in the NHL will play a total of 82 games from the opening buzzer of action with each team having their own unique aspirations ahead of the new season which their fans expect them to meet or further surpass.

The league standings are split across two league tables named the Eastern and Western Conferences which as stated is based on the geographical location of each franchise across the US and Canada.

The league standings are split across two league tables named the Eastern and Western Conferences which as stated is based on the geographical location of each franchise across the US and Canada.

The last remaining sides from both the East and West will then square off in a best of four series to decide who lifts the sport’s most coveted trophy and will be named as Stanley Cup champions.

This year’s playoff is already shaping up to be an unmissable event featuring several of the league’s most distinguished teams and its most talented star names with the latest Stanley Cup odds on DraftKings providing hockey fans with a full breakdown on the outright lines for every NHL team and their chances of winning the title.

2024’s most favorited teams to lift the Stanley Cup this season include the Carolina Hurricanes (+650), Florida Panthers (+700), Colorado Avalanche (+700), Edmonton Oilers (+750), Dallas Stars (+850), New York Rangers (+900) and the Boston Bruins (+1000).

With the 2024 NHL playoffs now about to get underway, there is plenty of palpable hype that surrounds the opening lineup of matchups which will keep all sports fans engaged and questioning as to which teams will progress towards Stanley Cup glory.

How can fans get interested in watching ice hockey

For any potential newcomer sports fans who are aiming to find a different sporting competition to watch in an effort to pass the time or take up a viable interest in, ice hockey is always a tremendous choice for various reasons and should certainly be a top of the line choice for a future watch that any sports fan can enjoy.

Any new hockey fans should aim to watch highlights of some of the best moments that have since made the sport the staple for what is today, which can include star players and teams that have since defied generations and even earned legendary status amongst all sports fans and analysts alike.

Fans should also aim to pick a team that they can root for, which certainly amps up the competitive nature that is present ahead of every hockey encounter.

While it can be initially challenging to pick a team for a sport that you might not have an initial bested interest for, you can always choose a team that is geographically local to your region, one that features a star player that you enjoy watching, a personal premise or even a randomizer meaning that whatever way you choose to root for a team, that choice is entirely your own decision.

It’s also best to understand any personal rivalries that your side may have with any other NFL franchise which can make for an even more intense gamedays as your team will aim to get bragging rights over their most bitter of rivals.

Whatever way you choose to watch or root for a hockey team, make sure you enjoy every minute of action that is set to take place throughout the season as there have been plenty of prior high stakes outings and shock results that have kept fans enthralled for years.