Wolverhampton players pay heartfelt tribute to Mario Lemina's father

Wolves players pay emotional tribute to Mario Lemina's father || Imago

Wolverhampton players pay heartfelt tribute to Mario Lemina's father

Stephen Oladehinde 20:58 - 30.12.2023

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (Wolves) recently paid homage to the father of their player, Mario Lemina, following the announcement of his passing.

The club and its players honoured his memory in a touching gesture during their Premier League game.

A Club United in Grief

Wolves took to social media to share the sad news, expressing their heartfelt condolences to Mario Lemina and his family. "Our hearts go out to Mario Lemina after the passing of his father yesterday morning. 

"The whole team sent their love and sympathy to Mario and his family," the club stated as reported by the Sun. In a sign of solidarity and respect, the Wolves players donned black armbands during their match against Everton, also holding up Lemina's shirt in tribute.

Tributes from the Football Community

Everton Football Club, known as the Toffees, also expressed their sympathies, tweeting: "Incredibly sad news. Our thoughts are with Mario and his family during this time." This response showcases the deep sense of community and support within the football world, transcending club rivalries.

Lemina, in an emotional post-match interview, dedicated his goal and man-of-the-match performance against Chelsea to his late father. He shared that his father had been hospitalized for two months and was surrounded by family. 

Wolves players paying tribute to Lemina's father || Imago
Wolves players paying tribute to Lemina's father || Imago

"By the way I wanted to pass a message to my dad. He is in hospital, for two months now. He is struggling a lot and my family are around him now. I wanted to be with him, but I need to do my work. Dad - Keep pushing! We are all together," Lemina told Sky Sports.

Wolves' manager Gary O'Neil had previously mentioned Lemina's absence due to a family issue. "Mario has gone back to France to attend a family issue, I don't want to speak about it too much as it's not my place. 

"Mario didn't train today and that's all I can say on it. Around tomorrow it's too early to say, my only thoughts are with Mario and what he needs at this moment. Some things are more important than football matches," O'Neil said.

In their game against Everton, Wolves emerged victorious with a 3-0 scoreline. The win places them 11th in the Premier League table, with 28 points from 20 games. 

This emotional backdrop adds a profound layer to their victory, illustrating how the football community comes together in times of personal loss and tribulation.