Why Victor Osimhen's gesture to Juventus fans was disrespectful and unnecessary

Why Victor Osimhen's gesture to Juventus fans was disrespectful and unnecessary

Tunde Young 22:00 - 09.12.2023

Napoli suffered a 1-0 defeat away at Juventus on Friday night and Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen took out his frustration on the home fans.

Juventus defeated Napoli by a goal to nil in what was a statement victory against the reigning champions of Italy thanks to a goal from Federico Gatti.

Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen played the full game but was largely ineffective as he was stifled by the Juventus defence much to his frustration.

As Osimhen left the pitch after the game, he briefly raised his hands to make a “5-1” gesture to the Bianconeri supporters, referencing Napoli’s statement victory over Juve on their way to the Serie A title back in January.

Osimhen scored twice in that game which ended 5-1 in favour of Napoli and was quick to remind the fans who were celebrating their win in this game.

Here are the reasons why that little action is considered disrespectful and rather unnecessary of the Napoli striker.

Wh Victor Osimhen's 5-1 gesture was disrespectful

Osimhen made the gesture after the game at the Allianz Stadium on his way off the pitch with Juventus celebrating their important 1-0 win.

Victor Osimhen taunts Juventus fans with 5-1 gesture (Twitter/X)

It was disrespectful mostly because it appeared to be unprovoked and would have been justifiable if it had been done in retaliation to something but Juventus fans did not seem to have anything against Osimhen on the night.

There were hardly any boos or any audible negativity directed at the Capocannoniere on Friday night which is rather surprising considering Juventus fans have a rocky history with opposing black strikers.

It was also out of character for the Nigerian who is usually more humble and respectful which leads to the thought that he could have in fact been reacting to something.

Osimhen transferred his aggression

Another possibility could be that he was not reacting to anything but simply passing on the frustration of his poor performance to the fans.

Victor Osimhen had a night to forget in Turin. (Photo Credit: Serie A/X)

The Napoli striker endured a difficult game against Juventus' superb defence which isolated him and limited the 24-year-old to just 22 touches in the game while he also lost possession 12 times.

Clear goalscoring chances were scarce for Osimhen and the one time he did get a look at goal, he converted quite impressively only to be ruled offside.

The gesture was Osimhen's attempt to snatch back a bit of pride but it only made him come across as a sore loser and angered the Juventus fans rather unnecessarily.

It is quite unlike Osimhen to go looking for trouble but he did on Friday night and as a result, his next visit to the Allianz Stadium may not be as conducive, just ask Romelu Lukaku.