'We Should Be in Fourth Position' — Chelsea's Pochettino Bemoans League Standings, Asks Fans to Trust the Process

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'We Should Be in Fourth Position' — Chelsea's Pochettino Bemoans League Standings, Asks Fans to Trust the Process

Ayoola Kelechi 16:33 - 30.03.2024

Mauricio Pochettino is adamant that his Chelsea side are on the right track

Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino believes his side should be higher in the Premier League standings, adding that data indicates their results have not matched their performances on the pitch.

Despite sitting 11th in the league standings, Pochettino insists that the numbers suggest they should be contending for a top-four spot.

Pochettino believes Chelsea should be in Champions League places

Despite Chelsea's struggles, their poor goal difference has been compounded by their own profligacy, as they rank fourth in the league for big chances missed. However, according to data from Opta, they are also ranked fourth in expected goal difference, trailing only Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool.

"We know really well what we are doing. That's why I laugh. I don't take it personally when the fans criticize," stated Pochettino. "If you look at all the data, in the table we should be in fourth position. But for different reasons, we are not there."

Chelsea boss begs fans for patience

Pochettino emphasized the importance of trusting the process and remaining patient with the team's progress. "What the data means is that we are in a good way. In which area do we need to improve? It's things that will come with time. We need to compete better, focus on small details."

The coach highlighted the significance of experience and cohesion within the team, acknowledging that improvement will come through time spent playing together. "You can only get this with experience, with time playing together. It's easy to find the data when you want to criticise someone. But when the data is good and reflects the team is doing well but for different reasons, we're not getting the results we deserve, [we should] trust in the process."

As Chelsea navigates through a challenging season, Pochettino urges fans to maintain faith in the team's journey and to trust that positive results will follow as they continue to grow and develop together.