Unai Emery beats Arsenal's Arteta, Wenger to Emirates Stadium record

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Unai Emery beats Arsenal's Arteta, Wenger to Emirates Stadium record

Ayoola Kelechi 19:22 - 14.04.2024

Despite being manager of Aston Villa, Unai Emery is still breaking Arsenal records after his latest win over the Gunners

Unai Emery, the current manager of Aston Villa, has carved his name in Emirates Stadium history by achieving the highest points per game record at the iconic venue. Emery's remarkable feat comes after Aston Villa secured a significant 2-0 victory over Arsenal, dealing a blow to the Gunners' title aspirations this season.

Emery's Points Per Game Dominance Surpasses Legends

Emery's achievement at the Emirates Stadium surpasses the records set by two esteemed figures in Arsenal's history: legendary manager Arsene Wenger and current head coach Mikel Arteta. During his tenure as Arsenal manager from May 2018 to November 2019, Emery showcased his prowess in home matches, a trend that has continued even after his departure.

With an impressive average of 2.26 points per game in the Premier League at the Emirates Stadium, Emery stands tall as the manager with the highest rate among those with 10 or more games at the venue in the competition. This remarkable statistic places him ahead of Wenger, who held a record of 2.22 points per game, and Arteta, whose rate stands at 2.11.

Emery's Emirates Legacy

Emery's affinity for the Emirates Stadium persists even after his departure from Arsenal, as demonstrated by Aston Villa's recent victory over the Gunners. His ability to secure victories on Arsenal's home turf further cements his legacy at the stadium and underscores his tactical acumen as a manager.

For Arsenal, Emery's record-breaking performance at the Emirates Stadium serves as a reminder of the challenges they continue to face, both on the pitch and in the managerial realm. The defeat to Aston Villa not only dents their title hopes but also highlights the need for improvement in home performances under Arteta's leadership.

What next for Arsenal?

As Unai Emery celebrates his historic achievement at the Emirates Stadium, the footballing world watches with anticipation to see if Aston Villa can build upon their success under his guidance. Meanwhile, Arsenal must regroup and strategize for the challenges ahead as they aim to reclaim their stronghold at their home ground.