Tottenham forward claims Antonio Conte screamed at him during team meeting

Antonio Conte and Richarlison at Tottenham

Tottenham forward claims Antonio Conte screamed at him during team meeting

Stephen Oladehinde 16:34 - 09.07.2023

Richarlison, Tottenham Hotspur striker, has disclosed that Antonio Conte gave him a two-hour spanking at a team meeting.

During the summer transfer window of last year, Richarlison moved to Tottenham from Everton for an estimated £60 million.

The Brazilian's first season in north London didn't quite go according to plan because of numerous injury concerns and a lack of form.

The striker who scored just one Premier League goal last season, has revealed how former manager Antonio Conte yelled at him during a team meeting.

Richarlison, Tottenham striker Antonio Conte
Richarlison, Tottenham striker Antonio Conte

Conte spent two hours telling me off says Richarlison 

Richarlison revealed during an interview the incident he had with former manager Antonio Conte in a team meeting.

The former Watford frontman remarked on the Que Papinho podcast regarding the encounter with Conte as reported by Football London, "He has to show his firmness also to the group, to say that he is there, that he is still in charge. 

"It is his way of dealing with people, with the group, and he spent almost two hours just telling me off in the meeting, in front of everyone [laughs].

"Then the players even said: 'Richy, don't do this anymore. Stay two hours waiting' [laughs]. Everyone wanted to go, and we were there. Solved, fine."

Richarlison apologises  

Conte was fired shortly after, but Richarlison says he has no hard feelings toward the Italian and that he went out to the manager to set the record straight.

As reported by Football London, "After they sent him away, I sent him a message. I apologised because he was the guy who asked for me to be hired, and I couldn't help him as much as he thought I could. The least I could do is apologise for what happened there."

 "Of course I made a fool of myself by saying in the interview that I needed time and everything else.

“It was after the elimination in the Champions League, but then I apologised to him. I even told him that if he wanted to punish me, he could.

"We worked it out there, then I tried to have a run again, and another injury came up. Like it or not, it ends up affecting the head as well.