Top 10 biggest football clubs in London 2024

Biggest football clubs in London

Top 10 biggest football clubs in London 2024

Stephen Oladehinde 11:05 - 28.02.2024

London, known for its rich football heritage, hosts several prominent clubs. Here's an overview of the top 10 biggest football clubs in London as of 2024, each with its unique history and achievements.

10. Watford FC: 

Often considered part of the London football scene, Watford has experienced both Premier League and Championship play. Their fluctuating status between divisions reflects the competitive nature of English football.

Watford FC Stadium ||  Tribune Online
Watford FC Stadium || Tribune Online

9. Millwall: 

Based in Bermondsey, South East London, Millwall competes in the Championship and is known for its fierce rivalry with West Ham. They reached the 2004 FA Cup final and played in the UEFA Cup, marking significant milestones in the club's history 

Millwall stadium ||  Lewisham Local
Millwall stadium || Lewisham Local

8. Queens Park Rangers (QPR): 

Located in West London, QPR has a history of fluctuating fortunes. Despite not having major Premier League success, they have a loyal fanbase and a notable rivalry with other London clubs 

Queens Park Rangers ||  Watford Football Club
Queens Park Rangers || Watford Football Club

7. Brentford FC: 

A recent addition to the Premier League, Brentford has gained attention for their attacking style of play and a strong fanbase. Their rise to the top flight in 2021 marked a significant achievement for the club 

Brentford FC || Facebook
Brentford FC || Facebook

6. Fulham FC: 

One of London's oldest clubs, Fulham has a history marked by a 1975 FA Cup triumph and a 2010 Europa League final appearance. They have impressed in recent Premier League seasons, showcasing a competitive spirit 

Fulham FC ||  Gridserve
Fulham FC || Gridserve

5. West Ham United: 

The Hammers, with a history dating back to 1895, have won three FA Cups and a European Cup Winners' Cup. They're known for their passionate supporters and have been a regular feature in the top tier of English football

West Ham United || Premier Skills English
West Ham United || Premier Skills English

4. Crystal Palace: 

Based in South London, Crystal Palace has been a consistent presence in English football. Despite never winning the Premier League, they have had notable performances, including finishing third in the 1990/91 season and reaching the FA Cup final twice

Crystal Palace ||  Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace || Crystal Palace

3. Tottenham Hotspur: 

Spurs, established in 1882, have a rich history that includes two league titles and two European trophies. Known for their passionate fanbase and large stadium, they remain one of London's most successful clubs 

Tottenham Hotspur || Populous
Tottenham Hotspur || Populous

2. Chelsea FC: 

Chelsea, recognized for its recent success, is a powerhouse in London and European football. They have a strong presence in the Premier League and have been crowned European champions, reflecting their dominance in both domestic and continental competitions

Chelsea || The New York Times
Chelsea || The New York Times

1. Arsenal FC: 

Established in 1886, Arsenal is one of the most successful clubs in English football history. They are a force in London football with 13 league titles and 14 FA Cups. 

Mikel Arteta, the current manager, is steering the club towards challenging for major honours, backed by young talents like Bukayo Saka 

Arsenal FC ||  Front Office Sports
Arsenal FC || Front Office Sports

Each of these clubs contributes to the vibrant and competitive football landscape of London, showcasing a blend of historic achievements and modern-day challenges. Their stories and rivalries enrich the culture of football not just in London, but in the broader world of sports