Thomas Tuchel’s message to Bayern Munich players after his sacking

Thomas Tuchel’s final message to Bayern Munich players || Imago

Thomas Tuchel’s message to Bayern Munich players after his sacking

Stephen Oladehinde 16:56 - 28.02.2024

Thomas Tuchel's dramatic exit from Bayern Munich has turned heads across the football world, not least for his powerful parting words to his squad.

Despite being shown the door after a series of disappointing results, Tuchel took a moment to challenge his players, particularly those rumoured to be relieved at his departure.

The German tactician's final message, as reported by Daily Mail, delivered amid Bayern's hunt for his successor, was clear: "Everyone can show up for the new coach now."

Tuchel's Final Stand

In what has been a turbulent season for the Bavarian giants, Tuchel's tenure was cut short following defeats to Bayer Leverkusen, VfL Bochum, and a surprising Champions League loss to Lazio.

Sources close to the situation, including the German publication BILD, reveal that frayed relationships with key players like Joshua Kimmich played a significant role in the decision.

Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel || Getty
Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel || Getty

Yet, in his last address, Tuchel didn't shy away from setting the stage for a strong finish to the season, urging his team to put aside weekly debates and focus on winning.

A Clear Message Amidst Uncertainty

The presence of Bayern's chief executive Jan-Christian Dreesen at the meeting underscored the seriousness of the situation. Dreesen's warning was stark: "You are responsible!" He later emphasized the necessity for players to prioritize the club's interests over personal ambitions, a sentiment echoing Tuchel's call for unity and performance.

As the club eyes a future without Tuchel, the spotlight now turns to the players and potential managerial candidates, with Xabi Alonso's name already in the mix.

Meanwhile, Tuchel's legacy, highlighted by his successful acquisition and utilization of Harry Kane, remains a testament to his quality.

Kane's own words following a vital win against RB Leipzig capture the mixed feelings in the camp: "Of course we have sadness because he's a top manager and a really good guy."