'There's no man alive who isn’t beatable' - Jorge Masvidal reveals weakness in Kamaru Usman's game

Kamaru Usman and jorge Masvidal in their first fight

'There's no man alive who isn’t beatable' - Jorge Masvidal reveals weakness in Kamaru Usman's game

Niyi Iyanda 18:50 - 20.04.2022

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal believes that Kamaru Usman can be defeated even going as far as to highlight a weakness in his game.

Despite losing his two fights with Kamaru Usman, Jorge Masvidal believes he knows a weakness in the Welterweight champion's game.

Lately, Masvidal has been in the news after being charged with aggravated battery and criminal mischief for attacking Colby Covington.

Masvidal's official mugshot

In a recent interview with combat sports meme Logan Paul, Masvidal brought up his two fights with Usman. Although Usman knocked him out both times, Masvidal believes the undefeated Welterweight fighter is vulnerable and can be stopped.

"I know he’s beatable there's not a man alive who isn’t beatable. In the first round, after I got up, I started landing some big shots. The first knee I threw, he took me down. The second time, I hit him on the chest, and my thigh hit him on the jaw, and it wobbled him a bit."

Even though he would have you believe otherwise, Masvidal struggled for most of the fight before Usman put him out of his misery with a heavy knockout in the third round.

Kamaru's iconic celebration after his first victory over Masvidal

"In the second fight, I was thinking, 'There's a takedown, there's a takedown, there's a takedown,' I was doing well stuffing the takedowns. Then, boom! He switched it up on me." Masvidal said.

The surprise moment Masvidal is referring to has become one of Usman's most Iconic moments. At UFC 261, Usman handed Masvidal a blow that nearly undid his cornrows to win the match in the second round.

Usman landing a powerful right hand on Masvidal

The punch was so outstanding that it won the Knockout of the year and has featured on multiple highlight reels for top knockouts in recent history.

The knockout was named 2021 Knockout of the year by MMA fighting

Despite emphatically losing both fights, Masvidal still believes the UFC's highest-ranked pound-for-pound fighter is not as special as people think.

"On the feet, he’s nothing special, man. He might have gotten me, but he is not a legit striker on the feet yet.” Masvidal told Logan Paul.

Usman would take any criticism from Masvidal with a pinch of salt, as he has bested the fighter on two occasions. The Nigerian Nightmare is already preparing for a return to the octagon against British fighter Leon Edwards later this year.