Suspended FFF President fingered in sexual misconduct allegations

Le Graet (R) was investigated for his conduct as FFF president ( Buzzi)

Suspended FFF President fingered in sexual misconduct allegations

Ayoola Kelechi 12:30 - 27.01.2023

Le Graet's troubles started with his comments about Zidane and now he has been fingered in allegations of sexual misconduct by a female colleague

Embattled France Football Federation executive Noel Le Graet has been accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by a former colleague who testified anonymously as part of ongoing investigations into Le Graet’s conduct as FFF President. 

Noel Le Graet’s alleged sexual misconduct heard as part of ongoing investigations

What started as backlash for unsavoury comments that the 81-year-old executive made about France legend Zinedine ZIdae has now snowballed into an all-out investigation into Le Graet’s excesses in his time as FFF president. 

Le Graet's overzealous defence of Deschamps landed him in hot water

In the latest developments, the octogenarian, who has stepped back from his role as president pending investigations, has been accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour towards staff by a former colleague. This behaviour included verbal taunts and indecent remarks about female staff, as well as inappropriate advances. 

The former colleague, who chose to remain anonymous, recalled incidents where she was made to feel uncomfortable by Le Graet, saying, “How many times has he said to me: ‘You must be a hot one’, or ‘there’s no harm in doing yourself some good’… He only thinks about what’s under the belt.”

FFF President allegedly used his position of power to harass female co-workers

Le Graet was was President of Ligue 1 for several years and FFF President for more than a decade before his suspension this year, and sometimes had the image of an invincible figure in the FFF and allegedly used his position to bully underlings and demand sexual favours with little fear of reproach since everybody else was scared of him. 

In her testimony, Le Graet’s former colleague said he was “an all-powerful man” and going against him felt like going against “a czar, an emperor."

Noel Le Graet was asked to step down from his duties as FFF president

She also claimed that Le Graet’s antics were known to everyone at the FFF, and women who worked with him referred to him as a “hunter” or “a sick one." 

According to his anonymous colleague, female employees simply found a way to coexist with or avoid dealings with Le Graet, and she especially avoided being around him after business lunches where alcohol was served because she had to “be careful” since “alcohol makes him uninhibited.“

Investigations are still ongoing into Le Graet’s alleged misconduct, while the 81-year-old remains suspended from office.