Super League fans: The walking corpse stirs again

Super League fans: The walking corpse stirs again

Pulse Sports Team 19:39 - 09.02.2023

The newly reformed Super League was announced today.

The announced plan to change the Super League project has led to a new wave of discontent among football fans themselves. The negative fan reaction was the basis for the rapid withdrawal of almost all candidates for the tournament in the spring of 2021. Now a similar reaction is being noticed on social networks.

The Football Supporters' Association in England and Wales issued an official statement.

"The walking corpse that is the European Super League stirs again and shows zombie-like self-awareness," said the association's chief executive Kevin Miles.

"Their newest idea is to have an 'open competition' rather than the closed shop they originally proposed that led to huge fan protests. which was their original plan and which led to the massive fan outcry. Of course, an open competition for Europe's top clubs already exists - it's called the Champions League.

"They say 'dialogue with fans and independent fan groups is essential' yet the European Zombie League marches on - willfully ignorant to the contempt supporters across the continent have for it," Miles said.

The Association of European Leagues also shared their disapproval:

The European leagues are extremely surprised by the new A22 opinion, which refers to an open consultation process and its results. The European Leagues Association - the body that officially represents 40 professional leagues from 34 countries and a total of 1,092 clubs across Europe - has never had any talks or consultations with A22. 

The European Leagues Association fully supports the current model in European club football, which is based on an open pyramid structure with promotion and relegation, from entry level to local professional level, and where ranking for UEFA tournaments is based on the results achieved by national level. 

This model is far from "broken" and does not need to be repaired.

A comment from the European Club Association (ESA)

 The European Club Association got acquainted with the latest communique from the alternative world of A22. In the real world, however, this reworked idea has already been proposed, debated and flatly rejected by all stakeholders in 2019. This is just another deliberately twisted and misleading attempt to destabilize the current constructive attempts of the real stakeholders to move things forward for the good of European club football. 

As the only organization recognized by FIFA and UEFA that represents clubs at European and national level, and as the only organization through which clubs are properly represented in decision-making, ECA reaffirms its longstanding opposition to the European Super League and any project it has for purpose of some separation. In recent years, there has been tremendous progress and positive change in partnership with all stakeholders in football - UEFA, FIFA and confederations, national associations, leagues, fans, players and all clubs working for the benefit of the entire European football ecosystem. 

From 2024 onwards, every season more clubs from more countries will participate in the European men's club tournaments, which will increase interest in European football and significantly increase the amount of shared financial income. Significant progress can be seen in other aspects such as women's football, the development of youth academies, finance and regulation, sustainability and social impact. This is what real change looks like. 

We've already moved on, when will A22?

What will happen to the entire Super League project at all depends on the upcoming decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union. After the original attempt to create the tournament was thwarted under pressure from FIFA and UEFA, the Super League filed lawsuits against the two organizations in a court in Madrid. However, he transferred the case to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. A decision is expected to be made later this year.

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