Revealed: Manchester United Women could decide Mason Greenwood's fate

Mason Greenwood is still suspended by Manchester United

FOOTBALL Revealed: Manchester United Women could decide Mason Greenwood's fate

Mark Kinyanjui 05:00 - 17.08.2023

United have released a statement saying that they will reveal a final decision on Greenwood's fate.

Key members of Manchester United Women will be involved in sealing Mason Greenwood’s fate after the club confirmed their internal investigations on the crimes the forward was accused of officially came to a close.

This is according to The Athletic, who claim Manchester United were planning to reinstate Mason Greenwood to their first-team squad on Friday 4 August.

CEO Richard Arnold told the club’s executive committee that the plan was to return Greenwood to the set up in the first week of August.

Arnold intended to record a video explaining the decision that would be shared both with staff and the general public.

The plan laid out by Arnold that week was that Greenwood would not make any appearances with the club’s charitable arm, the Manchester United Foundation, in the short to medium term, even though the club would be bringing him back to the first-team set-up.

However, United did not proceed with the announcement, and, 12 days on, they released a statement saying that their internal investigations have now been completed, but a final decision is still yet to be made

Greenwood, 21, has not played for United since he was arrested in January 2022 after a recording and images were released on social media of an alleged sexual attack. 

Charges against Greenwood for attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, which he denied, were dropped in February of this year.

The precise reason United have delayed the announcement of their decision on Greenwood is still not clear.

However, The Athletic reports that the club wished to inform key stakeholders of their decision ahead of going public. 

Aside from the members of the women’s team, the club will also consider stances made by principal sponsors, the club’s fan advisory board, and prominent former players 

Several key United players, such as goalkeeper Mary Earps and captain Katie Zelem, remain on international duty at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.