Premier League boss reveals date set for Manchester City’s FFP rule break charges hearing

PREMIER LEAGUE Premier League boss reveals date set for Manchester City’s FFP rule break charges hearing

Mark Kinyanjui 17:51 - 16.01.2024

The Premier League has set a date for Manchester City's hearing after being charged with 115 accounts of breaching financial fair play rules

English Premier League boss Richard Masters has revealed that a date has been set for the hearing on Machester City’s Financial Fair Play breach hearing.

City were charged with 115 alleged breaches of financial regulations by the league in February 2023 after opening an investigation in 2018.

As he was being quizzed by MPs on Tuesday morning over several issues relating to the top flight, Masters revealed that there would indeed be a hearing about the breaches, but opted not to reveal it.

According to Mail Sport, the hearing will likely take place in the summer of 2025, a time when Pep Guardiola’s contract is projected to expire.

City are accused of breaching 115 regulations over 14 seasons from 2009-10 onwards.

The charges include claims over financial reporting and a lack of co-operation with a Premier League investigation which was opened in 2018. City deny any wrongdoing.

Masters also revealed that the nature of the charges against City were much more complicated compared to those of Everton and Nottingham Forest, after those two clubs were hit with Premier League charges on Monday for breaking spending rules. 

Everton have already had to endure a 10-point deduction, and Nottingham could also suffer the same fate.

It is understood that what has been a highly confidential process is currently at the stage where statements are being taken from witnesses – which is likely to remain the case until the spring.

Should the trial go ahead on time, a verdict would be likely around the summer of 2025.

Delays, however, may well push the proceedings back further. And should either party find the eventual outcome unpalatable it would be difficult to imagine a world in which they would not appeal. Such a scenario would add significant time.

Should they need to, Man City may well explore further avenues, although they would not be able to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, where they successfully had their UEFA-delivered Champions League ban overturned.

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