Odumodublvck to the world as Arsenal features his song on Declan Rice’s announcement

Arsenal features Odumodublvck's song in Declan Rice’s announcement

Odumodublvck to the world as Arsenal features his song on Declan Rice’s announcement

Stephen Oladehinde 15:13 - 15.07.2023

Odumodublvck becomes one of the most famous Nigerian musicians in Europe after his song was used by Arsenal to announce the mega signing of Declan Rice this afternoon.

The Gunners announced the signing of Declan Rice today after agreeing to pay a fee worth £105 million for the West Ham captain. 

The Nigerian artist released a song a few months ago titled Declan Rice with the song reaching the ears of the former West Ham captain.

Arsenal football club has now gone on to expand Odumodublvck's fame across Europe as his song was used to welcome Declan Rice to the Emirates.

Arsenal signs Declan Rice
Arsenal signs Declan Rice

Odumodublvck hit jackpot 

Nigerian musician popularly known as Odumodublvck has hit the jackpot after his music named Declan Rice was used by Arsenal

The announcement of Declan Rice by Arsenal was backed by a background music of Odumodublvck who is loved by the Englishman.


Some Arsenal fans have been clamouring for Odumodublvck song to be played when announcing the signing of Declan Rice.

Odumodublvck release a song called Declan Rice
Odumodublvck release a song called Declan Rice

An Arsenal fan on Twitter named Buchi Laba said a few weeks before the announcement, “@Arsenal I have been telling you this for MONTHS now! Playing OdumoduBlvck “Declan Rice” in unveiling Declan Rice is a no-brainer! It’s gold! It’s meant to HAPPEN! You honestly can’t mess this up. Seriously!!.”

Shortly after the announcement, he came out and said,” Yes, I will brag about it! There was no day I wasn’t tagging Arsenal to use OdumoduBlvck's “Declan Rice” song for the Announcement video on Twitter, FB, Instagram and even Tiktok!

“See I even made this video 1 month ago threatening them! GIVE ME MY FVCKING CREDITS!”

Declan Rice likes Odumodublvck song

A few months ago, Odumodublvck released a song on behalf of Arsenal's new signing Declan Rice which has grown in popularity.

Declan Rice was seen vibing to Odumodublvck's music which shows how much he loves the song of the Nigerian musician.

The English midfielder posted on his Instagram story of himself listening to the music and singing along to the song's lyrics.

The New Arsenal signing also showed the screen of his phone playing the Odumodublvck music which was named after him “Declan Rice”.

At this rate, the song has gone viral after Arsenal used the Odumodublvck music to announce the signing of Declan Rice.