NWFL Super Six: 5 reasons Edo Queens won the title ahead of Rivers Angels

NWFL Super Six: 5 reasons Edo Queens won the title ahead of Rivers Angels

NWFL Super Six: 5 reasons Edo Queens won the title ahead of Rivers Angels

Hassan Abdulsalam 09:12 - 28.05.2024

The Benin City-based club is home to Peace Abbey, who is widely regarded as the most beautiful female footballer in the NWFL.

It was a historic moment for Edo Queens on Sunday as they emerged champions of the NWFL Premiership for the first time.

The battle of who would become the champions was between Edo Queens and Rivers Angels on the final day as the day was filled with drama.

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Coach Moses Aduku needed a win to guarantee the championship, but their fate also rested on the outcome of the clash between seven-time champions Rivers Angels and Super Six debutants Heartland Queens.

The Jewels of Rivers were on the verge of becoming the champions but a late goal from Heartland Queens denied Rivers Angels, swinging the tide in favour of Edo Queens.

Here are five reasons Edo Queens won the title ahead of Rivers Angels.

Strategic Depth and Adaptability

Rivers Angels are known for their attacking prowess, but Edo Queens demonstrated a more strategic approach focusing on offense and defense.

The adaptability allowed them to adjust to different opponents and game situations throughout the season.

Edo Queens scored 11 goals at the Super Six and conceded five to prove their attacking prowess and defensive solidity.

Resilience and Determination

Edo Queens displayed remarkable resilience, overcoming setbacks and maintaining their focus on the title.

This determination was evident in their ability to grind out results, even when they weren't playing their best football.

Emerging Stars and In-depth Experience

Edo Queens benefitted from the contributions of up-and-coming players like Emem Essien, who scored a crucial goal on the final matchday.

Fresh talents like Emem Essien, combined with experienced footballers in the team, played a vital role in helping the team win the league.

The squad is full of experience from the coach who had won the league before and two players, Peace Abbey and Folorunsho Comfort who won the League last season with Delta Queens.

Capitalizing on Crucial Moments

Edo Queens seized key opportunities, like scoring first in the final match and benefiting from a last-minute equalizer by Heartland Queens against Rivers Angels.

Their ability to capitalize on these moments proved decisive in the title race.

Team Mentality

Edo Queens's strong team spirit helped them unite and build on collective belief in each other, which was a crucial factor in their success, especially during tight matches.

It's important to note that Rivers Angels were also strong contenders; their attacking talent and experience almost secured a record-breaking title.

In the end. the title went to Edo Queens. However, Rivers Angels have another opportunity to take revenge when they face Edo Queens in the round of 16 of the Federations Cup on Wednesday