Nigeria’s third-tier football league will use technology to develop talents

NLO players in action

Nigeria’s third-tier football league will use technology to develop talents

Hassan Abdulsalam 07:11 - 25.04.2023

NLO will officially kick off on Wednesday May 3rd, across the 33 Stadium League venues drawn from the 6 geo-zones.

Ahead of the kickoff of the 2022–2023 season, Nigeria’s third-tier football league, Nationwide League One (NLO), has outlined intentions to use new technology to facilitate the work of player agents and scouts.

According to NLO's media officer, Abdulgafar Oladimeji, the introduction of the technological scouting device was primarily designed to showcase the skills and talents of young football players in the league to international clubs.

The 2023 season is set to begin on May 3 at Sani Abacha Stadium in Kano.

NLO begins May 3rd
NLO opening fixture

Oladimeji added that the invention would give football scouts and agents access to a variety of U-19 football players with full options and player histories via a technology platform that would allow them to evaluate their objectives without being present.

He revealed that with the innovation, interested agents scouting players in the country would easily do so through the Internet.

He said, “Gone are the days when international club owners are invited to watch and pick talented players. NLO has come up with a website through which international clubs watch live matches and make their choices of talented players.

Madiba wins 2021/2022 NLO season

“No football project can prosper without the media. The sponsors come in due to the extent of media coverage. It is now mandatory that any club participating in the NLO league must have a media department.”

NLO players will not be more than 19 - Oladimeji

He emphasized NLO's commitment to ensuring that only players aged 19 and under participated in the league and said that the organization had implemented anti-forgery processes to counteract fraud and corruption tendencies in the licensing process.

NLO Players in action

Eight teams are anticipated to trade tackles in Kano, just as they will in other states in the north, according to Oladimeji, who also stated that the top teams in each state will compete against one another in an interstate tournament from which four teams will be chosen to represent the north in the national championship.

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