Mourinho Slams Roma owners who 'know little about football' following 'unexpected and unfair' Sacking

Jose Mourinho ex Roma ,manager || Imago


Jose Mourinho ex Roma manager || Imago

Mourinho Slams Roma owners who 'know little about football' following 'unexpected and unfair' Sacking

Ayoola Kelechi 01:19 - 16.02.2024

The legendary Portuguese manager did not hold back in his criticism of Roma's upper management, who decided to sack him earlier in the year

Jose Mourinho, the renowned Portuguese coach, has openly criticized the decision-making capabilities of Roma's owners after his abrupt dismissal from the club, branding his sacking as 'unexpected and unfair.' 

The 61-year-old's tenure with the Giallorossi came to an end on January 16th, following a disappointing 3-1 defeat to Milan, leaving Roma in seventh place in the league standings. His departure paved the way for Daniele De Rossi, a former Roma midfielder, who took over the reins on a six-month contract.

Mourinho’s interrupted Roma legacy

Under Mourinho's guidance, Roma clinched the Conference League title in his inaugural season and reached the Europa League final in the subsequent year. His exit, therefore, struck a chord with the club's supporters, who expressed their discontent through banners and posters around the city, signaling a widespread belief that Mourinho's dismissal was unwarranted.

In a candid interview with, Mourinho shared his thoughts on his dismissal and the upcoming European competitions, particularly the Champions League. "The European competitions are about to begin, in particular the Champions League, perhaps the most important competition on the world calendar. I won’t be there at these final stages, not because I’ve already been eliminated, but because I was ‘eliminated’ by someone who knows little about football," Mourinho stated, subtly hinting at the owners' lack of football acumen as a factor in his sacking.

Mourinho looking ahead with confidence

Despite the setback, Mourinho remains undeterred, viewing the situation as a growth opportunity and asserting his intention to return to the UEFA matches with renewed enthusiasm and confidence. "That’s life, full of ups and downs, and I’m growing, despite the unexpected and unfair dismissal. But I will return, with even more enthusiasm and confidence, for these UEFA matches," he affirmed.

Jose Mourinho's departure from Roma has certainly not gone unnoticed, sparking debate and disappointment among fans and observers alike. His critique of the club's ownership reflects a deeper issue within football management—where decisions can often seem disconnected from the sport's realities. As Mourinho looks forward to his next chapter, his legacy at Roma, marked by significant achievements in European competitions, remains a testament to his enduring impact on the game.