Manchester United star Marcus Rashford slams critics questioning his commitment

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford slam critics || Imago

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford slams critics questioning his commitment

Stephen Oladehinde 15:12 - 01.03.2024

Marcus Rashford has come out swinging against critics questioning his dedication to Manchester United after a controversial 12-hour tequila spree in Belfast.

Despite missing a training session and causing a stir within the club, Rashford is adamant about his unwavering commitment to the team that raised him.

Rashford's Fierce Defense

The 26-year-old England sensation found himself in hot water after a night out led to him missing a subsequent training session, sparking widespread critique and seeing him dropped for the FA Cup match against Newport. Rashford, however, is hitting back, asserting that his allegiance to Manchester United is beyond reproach.

Rashford said, as reported by Daily Mail, "Listen, I'm not a perfect person," Rashford states. "When I make a mistake, I'll be the first one to put my hand up and say I need to do better. But if you ever question my commitment to Man United, that's when I have to speak up.

"It's like somebody questioning my entire identity and everything I stand for. I grew up here. I have played for this club since I was a boy. My family turned down life-changing money when I was a kid so I could wear this badge."

Unwavering Love for the Game

Man United winger Marcus Rashford delves into his connection with football and Manchester United, reflecting on the sacrifices and the genuine passion that fuels his career.

Marcus Rashford in action for Man United - Photo Credit || Imago
Marcus Rashford in action for Man United - Photo Credit || Imago

Rashford continued, "Football can be a bubble. I have tried to stay a normal person, keep my same friends. I have tried my best not to change, even when I'm on a night out or on holiday.

But there's another side to that. I'm a human being. I've made mistakes a lot of lads in their 20s make, and I've tried to learn from them. But I've also made sacrifices nobody sees."

He expresses confusion over the backlash, underscoring a commitment to humanity that extends beyond the pitch.

Rashford concludes by reflecting on the resilience that has characterized his response to adversity, both on and off the field. His story is a testament to the power of self-belief and the relentless pursuit of one's dreams, no matter the obstacles.

Marcus Rashford of Manchester United || Imago
Marcus Rashford of Manchester United || Imago

"You know what, though? If I'm honest, a part of me doesn't mind it when people doubt me. When everyone is telling me they love me, I get suspicious. I know the way the world works.

"Whenever I've been in my darkest of places, and it feels like half the world is against me, I tend to go off by myself for a couple of days and reset, then I'm fine.

"Other times, when that hasn't worked, I've found someone to talk to. But every time I've been down, physically or mentally, I always feel like that's when I turn it around and play my best football for United and England."