Manchester City charged by FA for players misconduct against Tottenham

Manchester City Charged by FA || Credit: Imago

Manchester City charged by FA for players misconduct against Tottenham

Stephen Oladehinde 20:03 - 04.12.2023

In a high-tension draw with Tottenham, Manchester City has been charged by the FA for failing to control their players' conduct in the match's dramatic final moments

How it all happened

Manchester City faces charges from the Football Association (FA) due to their players' behaviour during the dramatic moments in their 3-3 draw against Tottenham. 

The incident occurred in the final stages of the game at the Etihad Stadium, where several City players, including an agitated Erling Haaland, confronted referee Simon Hooper. 

The confrontation was sparked by Hooper's decision to recall a foul on Haaland despite an advantage for City in a crucial moment of the match.

Man City players confronting Hopper || Credit: Imago
Man City players confronting Hopper || Credit: Imago

Player Reactions and Manager's View

Erling Haaland's frustration was particularly evident. He was fouled but managed to play Jack Grealish through on goal, only for Hooper to retrospectively award a free-kick to City. 

Haaland expressed his discontent on the field and continued his protests off the field through social media. Manchester City's manager, Pep Guardiola, acknowledged his players' dissatisfaction, recognizing the contentious decision of the referee.

FA's Statement and Charges

The FA formally charged Manchester City, citing a breach of rule E20.1. The charge stated that the club failed to ensure their players behaved properly, particularly highlighting the 94th-minute incident. 

Manchester City was given a deadline to respond to the charge, reflecting the FA's protocol in such situations

As previously reported by Pulse Sports, this is not the first instance of Manchester City facing FA charges for player misconduct

In a similar incident involving both Manchester City and Arsenal, both clubs were charged by the FA for their players' inappropriate conduct towards referees during a heated Premier League match. 

The players of both teams were reported to have surrounded the referee and his assistants multiple times during the game, leading to charges for failing to maintain good conduct. 

This historical context underscores the ongoing challenges teams face in managing player behaviour in high-stakes matches