'I have no idea what’s gonna happen' — Zidane gives update on his future

Zidane offers updates on his future

'I have no idea what’s gonna happen' — Zidane gives update on his future

Tunde Young 20:59 - 03.06.2023

Zidane speaks on potential future move, current La Liga playoffs and family name pressure in press conference

Luca Zidane admits to being unclear on what the future holds for him in the coming years in a press conference ahead of Eibar's crunch La Liga 2 promotion playoffs.

The 25-year-old goalkeeper represented his club at the pre-playoffs press conference as Eibar gets ready to play against  Alaves in the semifinals while Levante and Albacete do battle in the other game for a chance to earn promotion to La Liga next season.

Luca, the son of the legendary Zinedine Zidane talked up Eibar's chances at the playoffs while also touching other topics such as his future at the club and the pressure that comes with playing football with that last name.

Luca Zidane on his future

The goalkeeper was spotted in a Tigres jersey a while ago, sparking rumours that he could be leaving Spain to join the Mexican giants but Luca has now addressed those speculations.

Luca Zidane posing with a Tigres jersey
Luca Zidane posing with a Tigres jersey

"I think that shirt was given to me by a Mexican player because he was playing for Tigres, he is a friend of mine and we spent the holidays together and he gave me the shirt and obviously, I have it at home," Luca said, clearing the air.

The Eibar shot-stopper however did not rule out a move to Mexico in the future as he did well enough to keep his options open without also committing.

"I have no idea what’s gonna happen in the future but Tigres is a great club, maybe I would play for them, who knows?" said Luca on a potential move to Mexico.

Eibar goalkeeper Luca Zidane
Eibar goalkeeper Luca Zidane

It is however unlikely that Luca Zidane leaves Eibar at this point, especially if promotion to La Liga is achieved as he is still in his first season at the club in which he made 31 appearances and has a contract that runs till 2026.

Luca Zidane on family name pressure

On the subject of what it means to play football as the offspring of the legendary Zinedine Zidane, Luca had this to say, "Pressure to be the son of Zidane? No."

Luca Zidane is ready to fight for promotion for Eibar
Luca Zidane is ready to fight for promotion for Eibar

"Because I've had that pressure on me all my life and it's something that I can accept and I'm used to it," the 25-year-old stated emphatically.

He also took the time to reiterate that promotion to La Liga is all that matters to him, "25 years old is a good time for me as you know, I think age is just a figure, it’s not important."

"I think this objective that we all have to be promoted to the first division is something that is good for my career and I think the team is prepared and we all really want to be able to achieve that objective," Luca said.

The goalkeeper rounded up, "There are four teams and only one is promoted so we are all gonna fight to try and achieve our objective, we all have the same objective. Well the preparation for the playoff, we think it's just a normal match, like a fixture for league matches. We try and prepare ourselves like it's just a normal match."

Zidane was in goal for Eibar as they drew 1-1 against Alaves in the first leg of the La Liga Smartbank playoff semifinals to kickstart their promotion campaign.

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