Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah's annual Christmas wishes sparks debate

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FOOTBALL Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah's annual Christmas wishes sparks debate

Festus Chuma 16:30 - 25.12.2023

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah's Christmas message sparks debate as he addresses Middle East conflic

Liverpool star forward Mohamed Salah has once again found himself at the center of a debate surrounding his Christmas greetings.

Salah, known for his annual tradition of spreading holiday cheer on social media, posted a thought-provoking message that has garnered both praise and criticism from fans.

For several years now, the Egyptian captain has been sharing festive Christmas wishes with his followers.

These posts have depicted Salah in various Christmas-themed settings, from donning festive attire to lounging in pajamas, complete with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and presents in the background.

However, this year's Christmas message took an entirely different direction, and it has sparked quite a controversy among his fans.

Salah shared a powerful black-and-white image of a Christmas tree on his social media platforms, accompanied by a heartfelt message that touched on the harsh realities of the world.

"Christmas is a time when families get together and celebrate. With the brutal war going on in the Middle East, especially the death and destruction in Gaza, this year we get to Christmas with very heavy hearts, and we share the pain of those families who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. Please do not forget them and do not get used to their suffering. Merry Christmas," Salah wrote.

Salah's message was a departure from his previous posts, highlighting the ongoing conflicts and suffering in the Middle East, particularly in Gaza.

It conveyed a sense of solidarity with those who are enduring unimaginable hardships during what should be a festive season.

The reaction to Salah's message was a stark reflection of the diversity of opinions among his fans.

While some lauded him for using his platform to shed light on pressing global issues, others felt that he should not be celebrating Christmas at all, as it is not traditionally observed by Muslims.

Salah, a devout Muslim, is well aware of the religious differences in how Christmas is celebrated.

In fact, many Muslims do not participate in the religious aspects of Christmas but may partake in some of the festive customs and goodwill that are associated with the holiday.

As expected, the comments on Salah's post were a mix of support and criticism. One fan praised him, saying, "Incredible human, respectful and always says the right things."

Conversely, others questioned his decision to engage in Christmas greetings, with one commenter stating, "This is so Uncouth salah, you are Muslim, not Christian, our Christmas is on April,shame on you brother." 

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