Liverpool and Egypt Align on Salah's Fitness Approach for AFCON Return

Liverpool and Egypt Align on Salah's Fitness || Imago

Liverpool and Egypt Align on Salah's Fitness Approach for AFCON Return

Stephen Oladehinde 19:01 - 25.01.2024

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has provided clarity on the situation regarding Mohamed Salah's injury and his commitment to both his club and the Egyptian national team.

Salah, who suffered a hamstring injury during Egypt's match against Ghana at the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), returned to England for treatment. 

Klopp emphasized that this decision was made to ensure the quickest possible recovery for the star forward and was not intended to take Salah away from representing Egypt. 

Prioritizing Player's Health

According to reports from Fabrizio on X, Klopp said, "Egypt and Liverpool both want the same thing, Mo Salah fit as soon as possible. If he stays in Africa and they can't do the proper treatment, it will just delay everything". 

"We bring him here not to take him away from Egypt but just to offer the best medical treatment. It's all agreed. If Salah is fit and they go to the final, he will be there", told BeIN Sports.

Klopp expressed that both Liverpool and Egypt share the same goal: to have Salah fit and ready to play as soon as possible. 

He pointed out that if Salah remained in Africa without the proper treatment, it would only delay his recovery. This indicates a focus on the player's long-term health and performance.

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah || Imago
Liverpool star Mohamed Salah || Imago

 Balancing Club and Country Commitments

An agreement was reached between Liverpool and the Egyptian Football Association regarding Salah's return for treatment. Klopp reassured that if Salah recovers in time and Egypt makes it to the AFCON final, the player will rejoin his national team. 

Jurgen Klopp || Image credit: Imago
Jurgen Klopp || Image credit: Imago

This arrangement underlines the mutual understanding between the club and country, recognizing the importance of Salah's role in both setups.

Klopp also responded to criticisms regarding Salah's loyalty, highlighting the forward's dedication to his national team. He described Salah as "the most loyal Egyptian" he's met, dismissing any doubts about the player's commitment to Egypt.