LaLiga president says Busquets departure opens door for Messi return

LaLiga president says Busquets departure opens door for Messi return

Ayoola Kelechi 21:53 - 11.05.2023

LaLiga president Javier Tebas says Busquets departure can help Barcelona sign Messi despite significant financial burden

LaLiga president Javier Tebas has noted that Sergio Busquets’ Barcelona departure could open the door for Lionel Messi to return to the Catalan club when his Paris Saint-Germain contract ends this summer. 

Tebas convinced Barcelona can bring Messi back with more effort

Tebas had previously said that re-signing Messi would be nearly impossible for Barcelona, who need to make a significant financial contribution towards any move for the Argentine World Cup winner. 

Barcelona says goodbye to club legend Busquets.
Sergio Busquets announced his departure from Barcelona at the end of the season

The main stumbling block to Messi’s return has been the strict LaLiga financial fair play rule which will require Barcelona to recoup between €200 and €250 million in either player sales or salary before they can even break even to start signing players in the summer. 

With Barcelona’s current captain, Busquets, set to leave the club this summer at the end of his current contract, Barcelona could make some windfall from not having to pay his mega wages anymore, but Tebas believes that this will not be enough. 

Buusquets windfall not enough for Messi return 

While the league’s president recognised that a move away from the club for Busquets would hand Barcelona a significant financial bonanza, he noted that it was only the start of what Barcelona need to do to secure a move for Messi. 

He said, “Busquets to leave Barça is the beginning of the road for Messi to return.

“But to reach the end, they still have to walk many meters. I’m not the one to give them the green light, it will be the economic control”.

Busquets salary in his final season at Barcelona was believed to be around €37 million, which while quite large is not nearly enough to cover Barcelona’s financial responsibilities or a salary for Messi.