‘it's more than winning; it's about inspiring’: Klopp reveals secret behind always smiling

Klopp reveals secret behind always smiling || Imago

‘it's more than winning; it's about inspiring’: Klopp reveals secret behind always smiling

Stephen Oladehinde 15:27 - 27.01.2024

In a world where football often stirs intense emotions and deep passions, Liverpool FC's manager, Jürgen Klopp, stands out not just for his team's performances on the pitch but also for his enduring positivity, even in defeat.

His unique perspective on football and life offers a refreshing take on the high-pressure realm of professional sports.

Football Beyond the Scoreline

"Sometimes people ask me why I am always smiling. Even after we lose a match, sometimes I’m still smiling," Klopp shares in a candid moment as reported by Players' Tribune Football on X.

His approach to the game transcends the usual win-lose paradigm. For Klopp, football is more than just a game; it's a conduit for joy and inspiration, especially for the younger generation.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp || imago
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp || imago

"It’s because when my son was born, I realised that football is not life or death. We’re not saving lives. Football is not something that should spread misery and hatred. 

"Football should be about inspiration and joy, especially for children," Klopp elucidates. This philosophy is a stark contrast to the 'do or die' mentality often observed in competitive sports.

Resilience and Dreams: The Heart of Football

Klopp's insight extends beyond the field, touching on the personal struggles and triumphs of his players. "I have seen what a little round ball can do for the lives of so many of my players. The personal journeys of players and so many of my boys are absolutely incredible," he reflects.

He compares his own challenges growing up in Germany to those faced by his players, acknowledging the vast differences and the immense obstacles they have overcome. "There were so many moments when they could’ve easily given up, but they refused to quit," Klopp admires.

Ending on a note of humility and perseverance, Klopp says, "They’re not gods. They just simply never gave up on their dream." This sentiment underscores the human aspect of footballers, often idolized but, as Klopp reminds us, are fundamentally human in their struggles and dreams.