‘I ran out of words’ — Barcelona’s Xavi impressed by teenager who caged Osimhen and Mbappe

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‘I ran out of words’ — Barcelona’s Xavi impressed by teenager who caged Osimhen and Mbappe

Ayoola Kelechi 13:34 - 11.04.2024

Barcelona's Pau Cubarsi is quickly amassing high profile fans of his ability, including his own manager Xavi Hernandez

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has lavished praise on teenage prodigy Pau Cubarsi for his outstanding performances in the UEFA Champions League, particularly in thwarting the likes of Victor Osimhen and Kylian Mbappe.

Stellar Champions League Performances

Pau Cubarsi, just 17 years old, has emerged as a defensive stalwart for Barcelona in the Champions League. His ability to neutralize the threat posed by formidable strikers such as Victor Osimhen of Napoli and Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain has caught the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide.

In Barcelona's clash against Napoli in the previous round of the Champions League, Cubarsi showcased his defensive prowess by effectively shackling Victor Osimhen, preventing the Nigerian striker from finding the back of the net. His commanding presence at the back played a pivotal role in Barcelona's success over Napoli.

Xavi's Praise

Cubarsi's stellar performance didn't end there. In Barcelona's recent encounter with Paris Saint-Germain, the young defender once again rose to the occasion, successfully thwarting the prolific Kylian Mbappe. Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona's manager, couldn't contain his admiration for Cubarsi's exceptional talent and maturity on the field.

Following Barcelona's thrilling 3-2 victory over Paris Saint-Germain, Xavi Hernandez couldn't help but express his admiration for Cubarsi's remarkable abilities.

"Pau Cubarsí is an incredible player," Xavi remarked, emphasizing the youngster's exceptional talent and maturity beyond his years. "I ran out of words to praise him," Xavi added, highlighting Cubarsi's exceptional level of performance and his ability to compete with seasoned professionals.

Barcelona’s exceptional talent

Xavi's glowing appraisal of Cubarsi underscores the teenager's meteoric rise in the world of football. Despite his tender age, Cubarsi has demonstrated the composure, skill, and determination of a seasoned veteran, earning accolades from one of the game's most respected figures.

Pau Cubarsi's impressive performances in the UEFA Champions League have firmly established him as one of football's most promising young talents. With his ability to nullify the threats posed by top strikers like Osimhen and Mbappe, Cubarsi has proven that age is no barrier to excellence on the football pitch. As he continues to develop and hone his skills, Cubarsi's future in the sport looks exceedingly bright, and Barcelona fans have every reason to be excited about his potential contributions to the club's success.

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