‘I give them $100 from my own pocket’ - Siasia narrates how he spends his money to take care of Under 20 players

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‘I give them $100 from my own pocket’ - Siasia narrates how he spends his money to take care of Under 20 players

Stephen Oladehinde 14:49 - 22.04.2024

Former Nigerian footballer and coach, Samson Siasia, has shed light on the challenges faced in nurturing young football talent in Nigeria, particularly at the Under-20 level.

Siasia was appointed as the Under 20 head coach and led the team to the World Cup final where he lost to Argentina.

He also led the Under 23 team to the Olympics and got to the final of the tournament against Argentina.

Siasia’s Under-20 battle

In an interview as reported on X, Siasia revealed the extent to which he personally invests in the development and well-being of these players.

According to Siasia, “We were in hell I tell you right from in Nigeria, trust me. The easiest team to coach is the Super Eagles because they will give you everything that you need. But Under 20, even Under 16 is the worst, you don't see food."

Siasia's words paint a stark picture of the challenges faced by coaches and players alike in the Nigerian football development system. 

The struggle for resources, adequate preparation time, and basic necessities creates a challenging obstacle to success. The Ex-Super Eagles coach also explained how he spends his own money to meet the needs of the players.

He opens up about personally financing essentials such as toothpaste, brushes, and even providing financial assistance for travel expenses

Samson Siasia || imago
Samson Siasia || imago

He continued, “That's the advantage I have against all the other people that have qualified for the Olympics. How many of them have qualified Olympics two times? 

“So these are the areas I'm special the way it comes to taking care of the players. I spend my own money to make sure these boys are ok."

“I buy them toothpaste, brush or we travel out, give them $100 from my own pocket. Do you think they are there for Nigeria? No, they are playing for me."