I am the problem - Gareth Southgate takes responsibility for England's woes

Gareth Southgate takes responsibility || Imago

I am the problem - Gareth Southgate takes responsibility for England's woes

Stephen Oladehinde 13:39 - 27.06.2024

England head coach Gareth Southgate has revealed that he is the major problem of the Three Lions at the European Championship.

The Three Lions have struggled in their first three games in the group stage, having qualified for the knockout stages with five points.

The team's performance has been called into question by fans and legends who have called for desperate measures to be taken against the team.

Southgate has now come out to admit that he takes responsibility for the team's awful performance in the group stage.

Southgate takes the blame

On the eve of the finals, Southgate, who had beer glasses hurled at him following Tuesday's draw with Slovenia, spoke about how this could be his "last chance" and said that the atmosphere in Germany is special because of the stories that are told about him.

According to the Telegraph, Southgate said, “Our world is different at the moment and I feel that is probably because of me. 

“I have to help the players as much as I possibly can because we brought the joy back into playing for England and we have to be very careful of where we head with it.

England manager Gareth Southgate | IMAGO
England manager Gareth Southgate | IMAGO

“Players have loved playing England the last six or seven years, we’ve got to keep that – we have to keep that. If we don’t, I understand the feeling towards me, but back the players, it’s crucial the fans back the players.”

Despite the hatred directed at him by the fans in Cologne, which he acknowledges is now an "issue" for his team, Southgate insisted on walking onto the pitch to greet them after the final whistle.

He continued, “I kind of get it. They are not happy with me, which is the reality of that. I am not going to back away from that.

Southgate and his players || Imago
Southgate and his players || Imago

“I have to deal with what I’m dealing with. I wasn’t going to back away from going over and thanking people for giving me the support they did but I know that is creating a bit of an issue for the group.

“I’m not going to hide from it. I’ve got to show my players the fearlessness we are asking of them on the pitch. So I will continue to do that. 

Southgate against Slovenia || Imago
Southgate against Slovenia || Imago

“We are playing for big stakes, we are trying to do something that has never been done before and so we have to have a mentality that we are prepared to walk towards those challenges.”

England will face Slovakia in the Round of 16 after qualifying from the group stage as the group winners.