How Innovative Tactics Can Elevate Arsenal's Level

How Innovative Tactics Can Elevate Arsenal's Level

Pulse Sports Team 11:50 - 02.04.2024

Anyone who even vaguely follows football is well aware of the reputation that arsenal has earned over the years.

Do Team Tactics Affect Betting Odds?

Not only is this club associated with personalities such as Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, but it has walked away with no fewer than three Premiere League titles since 1997. Still, even the best in the business can benefit from a bit of change on occasion. What are some unique tactics that Arsenal could employ to take its game to the next level and beyond?

If you’re someone who regularly wagers on football matches, you should be paying close attention to team tactics. Nowadays, few teams stick with a handful of favourite formations, with Arsenal known to use more than 40 different formations during a single match. Each change brings a new variable into the mix, with every one of these changes disrupting the odds.

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Distances on the Pitch

This principle can equally apply to Arsenal in terms of how their team is spaced on the pitch. One useful suggestion is to provide greater room for mobility once they have gained possession of the ball. In the same respect, the defenders will be forced to cover significant distances; increase the chances that the offence will find and slip through a gap.

Flexible Fullbacks

One of the ways in which coach Mikel Arteta Amatriain has already begun to transform Arsenal's presence on the pitch is associated with how he employs fullbacks. Arsenal has begun to rotate their positions and in turn, this makes it much more difficult for opponents to counter them during possession.

Keeping the Pressure On

Another unique approach comes in the form of a tactic known as counter-pressing. As the name might suggest, counter-pressing involves immediately attacking the opposing team after it loses possession of the ball. The primary intention here is to gain the upper hand and to obtain possession before the opponent can fully recover. This also leads us to another strategy that Arsenal should consider employing more often.

Improved Control

One aspect which has presented a challenge to Arsenal in the past is associated with maintaining control of the ball (even with such a dominant offence). The issue here is that while the team often started out strong, the pressure began to fade during the second half. This is why Arsenal still needs to place more of a focus upon passing in order to keep opponents "on their heels". Interestingly enough, coach Mikel Arteta realised this slight weakness as far back as 2022 and he has placed a much greater emphasis upon the importance of midfield passing.

On a final note, it is important to mention that Arsenal is currently one of the youngest teams in the Premier League. It could therefore be much easier to mould the habits of players when compared to season veterans who have already become fixed in their gameplay. There is little doubt that Arsenal will continue to evolve as a team and yet another title could be just around the corner.