How FKF spent Ksh1.4 billion received from FIFA


FOOTBALL How FKF spent Ksh1.4 billion received from FIFA

Festus Chuma 13:32 - 22.12.2023

FIFA's substantial investment in Kenyan football development over the years has made a significant impact on various aspects of the sport.

FIFA has revealed its substantial investment of $11.1 million (Ksh 1.7 billion) in the development of football in Kenya over the span of 2016 to 2022.

The funds, channeled through FIFA's Forward Development Programme, have ignited a football revolution in the East African nation, with a particular focus on boosting the women's game.

Launched in May 2016, the Forward Development Programme aimed to bolster soccer infrastructure, talent development, and administrative capabilities in countries around the world.

Kenya, too, reaped the rewards of this initiative, with two cycles of funding disbursed to the Football Kenya Federation (FKF).

FIFA's generous investment was allocated to various projects, including domestic competitions, infrastructure maintenance, administrative expenses, and more.

One of the most notable aspects of FIFA's investment was its commitment to women's football in Kenya.

"Kenya’s hope of qualifying for a FIFA Women’s World Cup™ for the first time and becoming a regular at the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations depends on how active the women’s league is in the country," FIFA stated in its report.

To kickstart this ambition, the FKF utilized Forward funds to establish the FKF Women Premier League and the Women Division 1 League, aimed at increasing women's participation in football and nurturing top talent for national teams.

Since 2018, FIFA Forward has supported these leagues with financial aid totaling approximately $300,000 (Ksh46,530,000), covering expenses such as equipment, medical services, venue rentals, and match officials' remuneration.

Despite being entitled to a total of $11.1 million, FKF approved the allocation of $9.1 million (Ksh1,411,410,000), distributed across various categories.

Notably, $4.7 million (Ksh728,970,000) was allocated to Equipment and Others, while $1.7 million (Ksh263,670,000) was channeled into Administration and Governance.

National Teams received $1.5 million (Ksh232,650,000), demonstrating FIFA's commitment to bolstering Kenya's international football performance.

Capacity development, including grassroots programs, coaching, and refereeing, secured $0.5 million (Ksh77,550,000), aiming to enhance the quality of football across all levels.

An equal amount of $0.5 million (Ksh77,550,000) was dedicated to women's football, emphasizing gender equality and inclusivity in the sport. Competitions received $0.2 million (Ksh31,020,000), while infrastructure improvements were allocated $0.1 million (Ksh15,510,000).

Lastly, infrastructure received $0.1 million (Ksh15,510,000), emphasizing the importance of facilities in nurturing soccer talent from the grassroots level.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke about the remarkable progress achieved through the Forward Development Programme.

"From the very start, we pledged that revenues generated by football would be used for the benefit of our sport all around the world; for girls and boys, for women and men, and we have been as good as our word," he said.

With the third cycle of the FIFA Forward Development Programme already underway, the prospects for Kenyan football are expected to shine brighter. 

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