From Pitch to Profit: Iniesta and other football stars who became business moguls

From Pitch to Profit: Iniesta and other football stars who became business moguls

From Pitch to Profit: Iniesta and other football stars who became business moguls

Kolawole Babatunde 20:00 - 25.01.2024

The world of professional football is not just about scoring goals and winning trophies. It is a realm where the smartest players transform their on-field earnings into off-field empires.

While many are content with the luxurious lifestyle their millions can buy, a select few have leveraged their wealth to reach financial heights that eclipse even the most celebrated names in the sport.

Here is a list of football players who became business moguls:

Mathieu Flamini: The Biochemical Mogul

Mathieu Flamini| Credit: IMAGO

Mathieu Flamini, known for his time at Arsenal, is more than just a footballer. After leaving for AC Milan in 2008, Flamini, alongside business partner Pasquale Granata, founded 'GF Biochemicals'. Their goal? Revolutionizing the energy industry. Fast forward to 2019, and their company, specializing in levulinic acid production, is valued at a jaw-dropping £21 billion. That's a figure 40 times greater than Cristiano Ronaldo's net worth. Flamini, now a retired player and CEO of the company, found his calling in merging his childhood passions for football and sustainability.

Louis Saha: Networking the Elite

Louis Saha Matturie/photo via Getty Images

Louis Saha, once a striking force for Manchester United, pivoted to the tech world with his venture, Axis Stars. This elite social network caters to the crème de la crème of sports, music, and acting. Valued at nearly £3.5 billion, Saha's platform provides a secure environment for stars to connect and share insights. With his net worth soaring to over £4 billion, Saha has become a pivotal figure in guiding sporting talents.

Thomas Gravesen: The Vegas High-Roller

Thomas Gravesen, ex Everton, Real Madrid and Celtic midfielder. Source: IMAGO

Former Real Madrid midfielder Thomas Gravesen took an unexpected turn after hanging up his boots. Investing his earnings wisely, Gravesen moved to a luxurious Las Vegas community, rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Andre Agassi and Nicolas Cage. Rumors swirl of his success in high-stakes poker, contributing to a fortune that potentially exceeds £100 million. His life in Vegas, complete with a rare Mercedes SLR McLaren, is as flashy as it is mysterious.

Jota: The Agricultural Tech Pioneer

Jota Peleteiro. Source: X/ @Lecturas

Jota, once an Aston Villa player, might not have shined on the field, but off it, he's a different story. He heads Groinn, an agricultural technology firm projected to be worth over £600 million by 2025. The company focuses on digital solutions for agriculture, a far cry from the football pitches he once graced. Jota's shift from football to technology is a tale of risk and reward, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit.

Martin Braithwaite: The Real Estate Titan

Martin Braithwaite celebrates after scoring a goal for Barcelona

Martin Braithwaite's story is one of unexpected success. Despite limited playtime at Barcelona, he became the club's richest player in 2021. His company, NYCE Companies, which he invested in along with his uncle, specializes in affordable housing in the U.S. and is valued at £181 million. Braithwaite's diverse portfolio also includes a clothing brand and a restaurant, boosting his net worth to an astonishing £252 million.

Andres Iniesta: Innovating Sports Broadcasting

Spanish legend Andres Iniesta, alongside NBA star Serge Ibaka, invested in FirstVision, a sports camera business. These wearable cameras offer a unique player's perspective in sports broadcasts. Iniesta's investment has flourished, contributing to his impressive £105 million net worth. As he nears the end of his playing career, his business acumen ensures a prosperous future.