‘From 30 or 40 years ago, we’ve kept that relationship’ - Peseiro on ‘friend’ Mourinho

Jose Mourinho and Jose Peseiro are good friends || Photo Credit: X/Twitter

SUPER EAGLES ‘From 30 or 40 years ago, we’ve kept that relationship’ - Peseiro on ‘friend’ Mourinho

Tunde Young 14:36 - 23.01.2023

Super Eagles coach Jose Peseiro gushes over “friend” and namesake Jose Mourinho

Super Eagles coach Jose Peseiro spoke on his relationship with his fellow manager, compatriot and namesake Jose Mourinho.

The pair have been friends for decades and it was even reported that Mourinho gave the NFF a glowing recommendation which led to Peseiro getting hired in May 2022.

Peseiro spoke on his friendship with Mourinho and lauded his achievements so far in an interview with the Mirror.

Peseiro on his relationship with Mourinho

Peseiro and Mourinho go way back, meeting as they took their first steps in coaching and remaining close as their careers have developed.

Jose Peseiro speaks on Jose Mourinho

“He’s been my friend for a long time. I have a very good relationship with him,” Peseiro said in response to a question about his relationship with the Special One.

The 62-year-old continued, “from 30 or 40 years ago, we’ve kept that relationship. I’m happy he’s my friend and I think from then, he’s still the same.

“What I can say about him as a coach is he’s an amazing coach. He’s won 26 trophies now, I think, and when he’s gone to any team, he only puts in their mind to win, win, win,” Peseiro continued in praise of Mourinho.

Peseiro on Mourinho’s career so far

The Super Eagles boss delved into the coaching career of his friend, Mourinho, reliving his successes everywhere he’s coached so far.

Jose Mourinho and Peseiro have been friends for a long time

“Everybody knows what he did in England. He improved Chelsea a lot, I think he was good for English football. The Premier League is the best league in the world, everyone knows that. He did everything to win there,” Peseiro said.

“Fighting, creating confusion sometimes, and even though the Premier League was the best league in the world, I think he took it one step further. When he arrived, he became the Special One and that name and position has stayed a long time in England,” he further stressed.

Peseiro moved on to Mourinho’s other jobs, “I think he did amazing work not only in England but at Inter, Real Madrid, Porto, and even at Manchester United. People said he did not do good, but they won their last cup in the last eight seasons.

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“In Europe, only he beat the best Barcelona with Guardiola, with the record goals and points. Every day, he tries to do better, the same now at Roma. He tries to improve the team,” he concluded.

Peseiro now has the task of replicating Mourinho’s success in the Super Eagles as that was the hope when he was initially appointed on Mourinho’s recommendation.

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