Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales handed restraining order from Jenni Hermoso

Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales handed restraining order from Jenni Hermoso

Mark Kinyanjui 18:54 - 15.09.2023

Rubiales continued to deny sexually assaulting or coercing Hermoso in court but was still handed a restraining order from the victim.

Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has been handed a ban by the court that will prevent him from getting within 200m of footballer Jenni Hermoso after a judge held up a request by Spanish prosecutors on Friday.

Rubiales, 46, was giving testimony on charges of sexual assault and coercion of Hermoso nearly four weeks after his kiss on Hermoso during the Women's World Cup trophy presentation sparked a public outroar calling for him to resign.

Hermoso submitted a complaint to the national prosecutor's office last Wednesday regarding Rubiales' conduct, and the former RFEF chief, who spectacularly resigned from his position in an interview with Piers Morgan on Sunday, was summoned to testify.

Judge Francisco de Jorge was asked by prosecutors to bar Rubiales from approaching within 500m (1,600ft) of Jenni Hermoso or from communicating with her, as well as ensuring that Rubiales appear before the judge every fifteen days while the investigation continues. The judge later agreed to the order but restricted it to 200m (650ft).

Just like his interview on Piers Morgan, Rubiales continued to deny sexually assaulting or coercing Hermoso, instead staunchly standing by his initial claims that the kiss between himself and Hermoso was mutual and consensual.

The kiss has sent Spanish football into disarray, with up to 41 players from the Spanish Women’s national team, including the 23 World Cup winners refusing call-ups to the side ahead of the inaugural Women’s Nations League campaign

The players have issued a series of scathing demands to the RFEF, including for the dismissals of a number of high-ranking officials who were deemed close to Rubiales, particularly those who aided the chief in alleged attempts to coerce Hermoso into an apology video after the Women's World Cup.

Rubiales was suspended by FIFA prior to him reluctantly stepping down from his post.

Long-time manager Jorge Vilda was also relieved of his duties  fter his alleged maltreatment incited a 15-player strike after last summer's European Championships.

The federation confirmed Vilda’s former assistant Montse Tome will replace him for the upcoming Nations League fixtures against Switzerland and Sweden.

Tome had seemingly applauded Rubiales’ speech, albeit she was one of the 11 staff members who offered their resignation the following day in a statement which called for the “restructuring and professionalization” of the national team.