Former Serie A star believes De Rossi can be the ‘Sir Alex Ferguson of Roma’ after replacing Mourinho

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Former Serie A star believes De Rossi can be the ‘Sir Alex Ferguson of Roma’ after replacing Mourinho

Ayoola Kelechi 23:31 - 24.03.2024

The former Roma and Juventus star compared current Gialorossi boss De Rossi to Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson

Zbigniew Boniek, a former Serie A star and current President of the Poland football federation, has weighed in on Daniele De Rossi's impact as Roma's coach, drawing parallels to the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

With Mourinho's departure and De Rossi's ascent, Roma has experienced a resurgence under their former captain's leadership.

Closing the Mourinho Era: A Necessary Transition

Boniek believes that the conclusion of Mourinho's tenure at Roma was inevitable, marking the end of an era for the club. He expressed his conviction that De Rossi's arrival came at the opportune moment, signifying a necessary transition for Roma's future success.

"Inevitably, the Mourinho era had to be closed, the moment had come to terminate that relationship. I think De Rossi arrived at the right time," Boniek told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

De Rossi: From Player to Coach

De Rossi's transition from player to coach has been seamless, according to Boniek. The former Roma star lauds De Rossi's intelligence, talent, and motivation, citing these qualities as instrumental in Roma's recent achievements. Boniek sees De Rossi's journey as a testament to Roma's legacy, evolving from player to captain to coach.

"I am convinced that Daniele is intelligent, talented, motivated and this is a wonderful story for Roma. He was their player, captain and now coach," Boniek remarked.

De Rossi offers Roma familiar face advantage

De Rossi's familiarity with Roma's current squad has been a significant advantage in his coaching role. Having been teammates with many of the players, De Rossi has easily cultivated a strong rapport, particularly with those who may have had strained relationships with Mourinho. This camaraderie has translated into improved performances on the pitch.

"All it took was to adjust the tactics a little and the rapport with the players and immediately important results arrived," Boniek noted.

‘De Rossi can be like Sir Alex Ferguson’

Drawing parallels to Sir Alex Ferguson's illustrious career at Manchester United, spanning 27 years, Boniek envisions a similar trajectory for De Rossi at Roma. He hopes that De Rossi will emulate Ferguson's longevity and impact, solidifying his place as a revered figure in Roma's history.

"Now we have to see how the story ends, I personally hope he becomes like the Ferguson of Roma and remain for many years," Boniek expressed.

De Rossi's unwavering loyalty to Roma, the only Italian club he represented as a player, further underscores his deep connection to the team. Despite brief stints abroad towards the end of his playing career, De Rossi's heart has always remained with Roma, making his transition to coaching all the more significant.

Roma's Europa League Ambitions

Amidst discussions of De Rossi's coaching prowess, Roma faces a tough challenge in the Europa League quarter-finals against Milan. Despite their recent success under De Rossi, Milan remains the favorites in the upcoming clash, presenting a crucial test for Roma's aspirations in European competition.

As Roma continues its journey under De Rossi's guidance, the echoes of Sir Alex Ferguson's legacy serve as inspiration for the club and its supporters. With each match, De Rossi inches closer to etching his name alongside the greats in Roma's storied history.

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