FKF presidential aspirant Hussein Mohammed reveals two issues plaguing African football

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FOOTBALL FKF presidential aspirant Hussein Mohammed reveals two issues plaguing African football

Mark Kinyanjui 07:34 - 15.09.2023

Mohammed has lambasted two vices that have hindered efficient governance in the running of African football.

Extreme Sports founder and CEO Hussein Mohammed is championing transparency in football governance in Africa after putting himself in the running for the FKF presidency ahead of the elections scheduled to be held in February 2024.

Hussein, who is the brainchild of the Super 8 Tournament, was speaking at the Africa Football Business Summit held in Nairobi, an initiative created by the Football Foundation for Africa that has brought together several delegates from different parts of the world to discuss a variety of topics in efforts to grow African football.

“Whenever you talk to football administrators within the continent or within the region, you will find we are struggling with the same issues year in, year out over the last few decades,” Mohammed said.

“Then you ask yourself, why are we struggling with infrastructure? Why are we still struggling with getting our players playing at the highest level?

“Why are we struggling with having our leagues and our football as much as others are earning across other leagues and other continents?

“It is very simple. It does not matter what you invest in, we must professionalise the sport. We must find a way to commercialise it, and make sure that all the stakeholders in the entire football ecosystem benefit from management.

“But for that to happen, you need transparency and accountability. You need good governance. Governance is a very important part of building any business or institution. Without good governance, we will not achieve much.”

Mohammed has lambasted corruption and misappropriation of funds, believing them to be the two key reasons why African football has lagged behind the status of achieving professionalism. 

“Whatever resources that we put in football must be accounted for. We have got so many issues today, historic issues about corruption cases, about misappropriation of resources, what has been the result of these dossiers that have been published is in the public domain.”

Hussein has challenged the world football governing body, FIFA to show more effort to enhance transparency in African football.

He has cited the ill-famous kissgate between deposed Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hemorso which saw the body suspend the 47-year-old as a classic example of acting quickly to a European issue, whereas in Africa, several inappropriate cases made against federation heads go unpunished.

“We also want to ask FIFA what their role is in terms of developing governance structures within local federations in Africa. You saw what happened with the Spanish FA president in the Women’s World Cup. One incident and there was immediate reaction and quick action, but in Africa, is there a different standard as far as individuals are involved in this art of impunity?

“Governance is a fundamental issue that we must address. Accountability and transparency of course within that realm or scope of the things we are discussing here today (on Thursday 14 September 2023 at the summit).“